Welding and Joining Technology

Welding and Joining Technology


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Welding is the process of joining (heating and melting) metal parts using high-intensity heat, creating a permanent, strong bond.  It’s used to join beams in the construction of buildings; to construct and repair parts of cars, airplanes, and ships; and to fabricate bridges, pipelines, and many other types of structures. Some welders use their tools to cut metal into pieces, as required by blueprints or design, to create beautiful ornamental structures.  Precision and safety are always key considerations in this highly diversified field.

Academic Advisement – Welding and Joining Technology Team

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Jordan Hunter, Jordan.Hunter@chattahoocheetech.edu, Appalachian Campus

James Thomas, James.Thomas@chattahoocheetech.edu, Paulding Campus

Academic Advisors

Michelle Capozzi, Michelle.Capozzi@chattahoocheetech.edu, Appalachian Campus

Amy Lyle, Amy.Lyle@chattahoocheetech.edu, Paulding Campus

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