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Financial Aid and the Bookstore

Bookstore Credit

CTC students may use up to $600.00 in Federal Pell Grant (after tuition and/or fees are paid) for purchases of books/supplies in the bookstores across all campuses. If eligible, the student may also be able to use his/her GED voucher and SEOG as well. Funds will be in the bookstore beginning the first day of classes for students who have registered during the early registration period and whose financial aid file is complete. The final day to use financial aid in the bookstore will be posted each term but is generally around 7-10 days into the term. Students who choose to not use this option will get any Title IV (federal aid) disbursement(s) within U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines—same as students who charge against their aid in the bookstores. We recommend that students charge against their aid in the bookstores, as eligible, as to be best prepared for classes.

Students who use financial aid funds in the bookstores are held to the same policies relating to financial obligations, withdrawal policies, no show policies, etc., as found here.

NOTE: At the time funds are sent to the bookstore from the Financial Aid Office, the student has already been determined to be eligible. If that eligibility changes at a later time, the student will owe funds to the college, and his/her account will be placed on hold. This is unlikely to happen, however, as eligibility is determined up front.

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