Commercial Truck Driving

Commercial Truck Driving

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The open road is calling as households, businesses, and industries are expecting a massive amount and a wide variety of products to be delivered safely, legally, and on time…locally and throughout the United States and Canada. Professional Truck Drivers provide a vital service to the public: if you bought it, a truck driver likely delivered it to the point of sale. Having a CDL Class A offers great potential to those who choose to work in the transportation industry. To become a professional truck driver, you must have a Class A CDL to operate any combination vehicle with a gross combination Weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds, with the trailer or trailers having a GVWR of 10,001 or more pounds. A CDL is required for any vehicle, regardless of weight, that will transport quantities of hazardous materials that require DOT warning placards to be displayed. Commercial Truck Driving is a great career choice that will demand constant safety awareness and professional operating skills. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulates the safety of the trucking industry and requires drivers to take their personal responsibility very seriously. If you think, you have what it takes, check out this first-rate program.

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Ray Puckett,, North Metro Campus

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