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Need to report incidents of COVID-19? Access the COVID-19 Self Reporting Form in the me@CTC menu.

Tax Filing Information: 1098-T

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Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement

Eligible educational institutions file 1098-T forms for each credit student who has charges and payments for a given calendar year (tax year). For 2018, the Technical College System of GA has changed the reporting method. Forms are now based on a student’s eligible ‘Payments’. In the most recent past, the forms have been based on a student’s eligible ‘Charges’. You or your tax preparer may notice a difference in the items/totals on the forms.

Sample Form

IRS instructions for 1098-T

Lookup, download, and print/save your 1098-T information for 2018


Who should not expect a Form 1098-T for the year?

Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or were paid entirely with grants/scholarships.

Payments for courses offering no academic credit– even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate program.

Enrolled student is a non-resident alien or non-US citizen (unless requested by the student).

Neither the Student Accounts Office staff nor other Chattahoochee Technical College staff serves in roles as tax professionals in any way. We are unable to offer advice as to whether or not you have to file the form on your personal income tax return. Too, we are unable to determine how filing the information will or will not help or not help your tax situation.

IRS Help/Resources can be found here.

Important: Keep your personal information up to date at the college. If you now have a different mailing address than the one on your CTC application, you may update it here.

1098T Instructions to Student – Definitions of items appearing on form

Overview of Information Related to 1098-T forms

Lookup your 1098-T information

1098-T forms for 2018 were mailed by January 31 per IRS requirements. Eligible students may also access their information online but not through BannerWeb.

If you have non-tax-related questions, you may contact the Student Accounts Office via email:

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