To Visit your Online Success Center Tutor through Microsoft Teams

Path Icons

Step 1. Access your Student Email:

1. Click on Me@CTC tab on the homepage.
2. Click on Student Email
3. Scroll down and click on Click this link to go to Student Email.

Through Student Portal: Select Student E-Mail under Student Technologies.

Step 2. From your student email:

1. Click on the dots in the upper left-hand corner.
2. Click on the Teams icon.
3. To join a Teams meeting, select either Continue on this Browser or Download the App.
4. Click the Teams icon in the left side menu. Click Join/Create Team.
5. Click on CTC Tutoring to meet with a tutor.
6. Click on General Channel on the left side of the screen under the CTC Tutoring logo.
7. In the chat section at the bottom, type a clear message.
8. Include your name and the subject in which you need help, for example, “This is David. I need help solving an equation using fractions.”
9. Wait for a tutor to respond and pull you into the appropriate tutoring room!

For help accessing online tutoring, email

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