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Nelnet Payment Plans

With the rising direct and indirect costs of attending colleges nationwide, Chattahoochee Technical College seeks to assist you by offering another payment option.

Even with the use of federal and state aid resources, we understand that many students may still have a balance to pay. It may present a hardship for you to pay in full at the beginning of a semester, yet we want you to be our student.

Beginning Summer Semester 2017, the college will offer payment plans to students who wish to use this option to assist with tuition and/or fee payments. These payment plans are a product of Nelnet. The Technical College System of Georgia has selected Nelnet as the vendor of choice for payment plans.

More about Nelnet: Nelnet Payment Plans are designed for students who wish to spread their tuition and fees payments over a specified period of time. Students who enroll in the plan will pay a minimal enrollment fee to Nelnet. Depending on when a student registers for classes and enrolls in the plan, Nelnet may require that he or she pays a down payment before enrollment in the plan is confirmed.

Nelnet Payment Plans must be set up for the full amount of Tuition and Fees owed on your account for the semester to avoid your schedule from being deleted/purged.

Students will be able to view their Nelnet Payment Plans in BannerWeb within 24 to 48 hours after agreement has been set up.

Any changes to a payment plan will need to be processed through Nelnet. You can contact Nelnet at 1-800-609-8056.

Students are responsible for being aware of Nelnet’s terms and conditions before enrollment.

For further information and to access the payment plan application, please go to Nelnet’s site below (click the logo below):

nelnet logo

Please understand that a student’s agreement is between the student and Nelnet. The college’s agreement is between the college and Nelnet. We must all adhere to Nelnet’s guidelines, deadlines, policies, and procedures. We look forward to serving you as a Chattahoochee Tech student.