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Below are some of the questions most often asked by our applicants and their parents. More detailed information on each of these topics is available throughout our website – please feel free to use the search tool at the top right of the page to explore more. We’re also happy to answer questions or provide more information – please contact Admissions for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

General Information About Chattahoochee Tech

What safety precautions are being taken in response to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Information regarding Covid-19, mask requirements, and reporting can be found on our Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information and Resources page.

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Where are your campuses located?

Chatt Tech has eight campuses in Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb, Gilmer, Paulding, and Pickens counties. (The Appalachian, Marietta, North Metro, and Paulding campuses each have Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts staff.) For campus addresses, driving directions, and campus maps, visit our campus locations page. Go to our visit us page to take a virtual tour of one of our campuses!

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What are your hours of operation?

Visit our hours of operation page to view business hours for all campuses. (Hours on this page reflect open-to-public hours for Admission/Student Affairs, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts. On-campus courses that meet outside these hours will do so unless noted on the academic calendar or by your instructor.)

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How many students are enrolled at Chattahoochee Technical College?

Annually, more than 14,000 students participate in credit, non-credit, and dual enrollment courses at Chattahoochee Tech.

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Where can I find important dates, deadlines, and campus closures?

The academic calendar provides the start and end dates for each semester, important deadlines, registration dates, and non-weather-related campus closure information.

Does Chattahoochee Tech observe semesters or quarters?

Chattahoochee Technical College’s academic year is based on three semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. View our academic calendar for application and registration deadlines.

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Does Chattahoochee Tech have a social media presence?

Yes, we do! To stay informed, please follow us on the following platforms: FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube. In addition, the Chattahoochee Technical College website is frequently updated and has all of the information you need to be successful. 

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Information for Prospective Students

What is the difference between high school and college?

We’re glad you asked! There are several significant differences; for a summary, reference this High School vs. College document.

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Why should I attend Chattahoochee Technical College?

View this Chatt Tech infographic to learn more about what makes us great – it’s no wonder we are Georgia’s largest technical college.

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What programs are offered at Chattahoochee Technical College?

We offer more than 50 programs in business and professional services, computers and engineering technology, digital media technologies, health sciences, nursing, and technical studies. To find more information about a program of study, scroll to the top of this page and select your area of interest from the Academics menu.

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What resources are available to help students identify an optimal program of study?

Selecting a program is no easy task and it takes time to fully explore all of the options available and how they relate to your interests, personality, skills, and values. Our Office of Career Development is dedicated to empowering students by facilitating career and program exploration. To find more information about a program of study, scroll to the top of this page and select your area of interest from the Academics menu.

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Am I required to be a full-time student?

Full-time enrollment is enrollment of 12 or more credit hours each semester. While there are benefits to full-time enrollment, you can take between 2 and 18 hours each semester.

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College offer student housing?

We do not offer student housing. If you are in need of housing, please email our Office of Student Resources at or view the county resource guides on our Office of Student Resources web page.

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College have dining facilities?

We do not offer dining facilities; however, that also means you aren’t required to pay for a meal plan. This helps us make your education as affordable as possible!

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College provide childcare?

Chattahoochee Technical College does not offer childcare; however, the Office of Student Resources has compiled a list of social associations, service organizations, medical, legal, housing, and other support providers in each of our service delivery areas that may assist you in locating childcare.

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Admission to Chattahoochee Tech

When is the deadline to apply?

Admissions deadlines for each semester are posted online and are subject to change. Don’t wait to apply right before a deadline if you can avoid it; applying and completing the process early allows more time to complete your application, gain financial aid eligibility, and prepare your personal/work life for the transition to college. Not to mention, classes begin to fill up as the semester nears. The earlier you apply, the earlier you can complete the admissions process, and the earlier you can register for classes!

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What are the requirements for admission?

Requirements for admission to Chatt Tech are based on applicant type. (A small number of programs of study, such as competitive admission health sciences programs and commercial truck driving have program-specific requirements.)

If you haven’t applied yet, visit our admissions types page or contact your Admissions Counselor for more information. If you have already applied, view your requirements using our Check My Application Status tool.

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I am a Georgia resident but I am classified as an out-of-state student. Why is that and how can I fix it?

The most likely cause is that you have not submitted verification of lawful presence in the United States to the Office of Admissions. Verifying lawful presence is a requirement for all in-state students.

In addition to lawful presence verification, in-state students must meet the Technical College System of Georgia’s requirements for in-state students. In general, independent students – those not claimed as a dependent by a parent/guardian, and all students 24 years or older – must have lived in Georgia for at least the 12 consecutive months preceding their first day of classes at Chatt Tech. Dependent students – those claimed as a dependent by a parent/guardian – must have been claimed by a parent/guardian who has lived in Georgia for at least the 12 consecutive months preceding the student’s first day of classes at Chatt Tech.

In order to be eligible for in-state status, a student must be a U.S. citizen or have USCIS approval for an eligible non-citizen status. (Permanent Resident, Asylum, and Refugee are the most common.)

If you have questions about these requirements or your specific circumstances, please contact your Admissions Counselor.

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I recently applied, how do I check my status?

Use our Check Your Application Status page to view items processed, missing items, and other essential details.

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I was recently accepted, what are my next steps?

Shortly after being admitted, an acceptance email will be sent to the personal email address listed on your application. (Or the most recent personal email provided to the Office of Admissions.) Follow the instructions in this email to continue the enrollment process.

In general, following acceptance, new students should complete New Student Orientation, contact their academic advisor, then register for classes. 

If you were accepted several months prior to your first semester, New Student Orientation may not be available yet. In this case, you will receive an email that confirms your acceptance and includes several important tasks to complete prior to orientation. We will follow up with the formal acceptance email – which includes instructions on how to complete orientation – when New Student Orientation is available for your desired semester of entry.

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How will I know that I have been accepted?

We send acceptance emails to applicants within several business days of your date of acceptance. You can also use the Check My Application Status tool.

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Who is my Admissions Counselor?

Your Admissions Counselor is your personal guide to navigating the college admission process and discovering Chatt Tech. Admissions Counselors are assigned based on the first letter of your last name; visit our Contact Your Admissions Counselor page to find yours.

Keep in mind that your Admissions Counselor will assist you while you are an applicant. Your academic advisor will assist you with academic planning and registering for courses. (You can contact them once you have been accepted and completed New Student Orientation.)

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Is there a separate admissions process for health sciences programs?

Many of our health sciences programs can accommodate only a limited number of students. Therefore, students must complete additional requirements to qualify for a particular health sciences program. (Specific requirements for each program are listed on that program’s webpage.)

Our college does not utilize waitlists for competitive admission health sciences programs.

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What makes a transcript official?

A transcript is considered official if it is delivered – by mail or in-person – to Chatt Tech in the same, unopened envelope it was placed in by the issuing institution. 

Many institutions use secure, electronic sending services to send transcripts. Transcripts delivered in this fashion are considered official as well. (Please do not submit official transcripts via email or fax; we cannot accept them in this format.) An institution’s electronic transcript request form may ask for a recipient address. If so, please enter

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To what address should admissions documents be sent?

We strongly encourage applicants to request transcripts to be sent to us using a secure, electronic sending service. (We will receive these documents sooner and can process them more quickly.) If your previous institution can do this, it will be noted on their transcript request form/webpage. If using such a service – official transcripts are not accepted via email or fax – use as the recipient address.

If transcripts or other documents must be mailed, please have them sent to:

Chattahoochee Technical College
Office of Admissions
980 South Cobb Drive, Marietta, GA 30060

Please keep in mind that you may also use our Admissions Document Upload form to submit documents that are not official transcripts.

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How do I request my GED or High School Equivalency (HSE) transcript to be sent to Chatt Tech?

 If you earned your GED or other HSE in Georgia, please use this GED request form. If you earned your GED or other HSE in a different state, a web search of “request [Name of State] GED transcript” should return some helpful results.

If your transcript will be mailed, send it to:

Chattahoochee Technical College
Office of Admissions
980 South Cobb Drive, Marietta, GA 30060

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Is placement testing required?

Placement testing is not presently an admissions requirement until further notice. If you have testing-related questions, please contact your Admissions Counselor.

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What types of transfer credit are accepted by Chattahoochee Tech?

Our transfer credit page provides a comprehensive list of the types of transfer credit awarded.

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Even though it’s not required for admission currently, how do I take the ACCUPLACER placement test if I want to find out where my math, reading, and writing skills stand?

Chatt Tech offers placement testing at four (4) campus locations by appointment. To make an appointment, visit our placement testing page.

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I previously applied to Chatt Tech or am a previous Chatt Tech student. What do I need to do in order to enroll in classes?

We’d love to have you back! Your admissions requirements will be specific to your situation, namely how long it has been since you applied or attended, transcripts and other documents we still have on file, and whether or not you have attended other institutions since your last application or enrollment at Chatt Tech.

For more guidance, visit our returning student page or contact your Admissions Counselor.

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I think I am missing transfer credit from a previous institution. What do I do?

Keep in mind that transcripts from previous postsecondary institutions are not evaluated for transfer credit until you have been accepted. Once you have been accepted, it may take our team up to 7-10 business days to evaluate your transcripts. If that amount of time has passed and you think credits are missing, you can submit a Transcript Re-Evaluation Request Form.

Please note that Chatt Tech does not award transfer credit for courses with “D” grades.

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I attended college outside of the United States. What evaluation agencies are approved to evaluate my documents?

The majority of foreign credential evaluations come to us from these approved agencies. While those are the most commonly-used agencies, we will accept evaluations from any AICE or NACES member agencies.

Please keep in mind that applicants may also submit a College Transcript Waiver Form if they do not want to submit their college transcript(s) for evaluation.

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Where can I locate Admission forms?

Visit the Admissions Forms page to access forms required for your application. (This does not include forms needed by our financial aid department.) You may also need to reference the Records Forms page based on your needs.

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College waive application fees?

Chatt Tech honors the application fee waivers granted by ACT, SAT, and NACAC for recently-graduated high school students. (The NACAC waiver is accepted in limited circumstances.) Contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.

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I want to return from academic suspension; do I need to re-apply?

Students placed on academic suspension must sit out for a specified number of terms. Once you have satisfied those requirements, you will need to re-apply. (You can apply for the term for which you will be eligible in advance.)

For more information regarding admissions requirements, visit our returning student page.

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Support for Students

Are there services available for students with disabilities?

The office of Disability Support Services (DSS) ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to all College programs and activities by coordinating academic accommodations and support services, promoting independence and self-advocacy, and providing information and referrals to appropriate resources.

New and current students must self-identify to DSS. Please keep in mind that the process for intake, documentation review, and coordination for accommodations can be lengthy.

Students who believe that they may be eligible should contact the office of Disability Support Services office well in advance of their enrollment to the college.

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Are there resources available for veterans?

We are proud to serve those who have served our country and their families. In addition to the Jim Cunningham Veteran Services Center, Chattahoochee Tech provides numerous internal and external supports.

Check out an informative video to learn why we have been named a Military Friendly School, Military Friendly Spouse School, and Purple Heart Technical College.

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Is there a counselor available if I need someone to talk to?

Yes, our Counseling and Student Advocacy department supports students with a variety of mental health and personal concerns.

Counseling and Student Advocacy resources are available at each campus. To learn more, contact a counselor directly or email

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College offer tutoring?

Our Academic Success Centers provide free tutoring in Accounting, Economics, English, Math, Reading, Statistics, and Sciences.

Tutoring is available online and at all campuses, except for the Austell campus. Tutoring hours and subjects vary by campus. Check the Academic Success Center’s schedule for availability.

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Are there computer labs available for student use?

Computer labs are available for current students to use at our Marietta, Mountain View, North Metro, Paulding, and Woodstock campuses. There are also computers for student use in our libraries and academic success centers.

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Are there resources available for first-generation and non-traditional students?

The Office of Student Resources provides student-centered programs, services, and events which promote equality, enhance the educational experience, foster success, and contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of students who are members of special populations.

To be eligible for services provided by the Office of Student Resources, students must meet specific requirements. Please email for additional details on services and eligibility requirements.

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College have student clubs and organizations?

While you are here, we want you to get involved! The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) hosts a variety of social, educational, and engaging events for students at every Chattahoochee Tech campus.

Events provide students with a chance to gain experiences and make new friends while on campus. The Office of Student Involvement offers Multicultural Events, Social Activities, Leadership Programs, Diversity Programs, Educational Programs, and Family-Friendly Activities. Keep track of events through the department’s comprehensive event calendar.

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Important Information for Students

What is Okta?

Okta is the service used by Chatt Tech to allow students to login to their BannerWeb, student email, and Blackboard accounts in one place. Upon acceptance, the college’s IT department will send a message to the student’s personal email containing their Okta username (Chatt Tech student email address) and password. The Office of Admissions also includes information about Okta in its acceptance emails.

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Where can I find contact information for my advisor?

Find advisor contact information on the academic advisement page. Your advisor is assigned to you based on your program of study; select your program on the page linked to in the previous sentence to find your advisor.

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How do I purchase textbooks?

The Chatt Tech Bookstore is your one-stop shop for textbooks, supplies, and apparel. Bookstores are located at our Appalachian, Marietta, and North Metro campuses. Students can also purchase textbooks and course materials online. Bookstore hours of operation vary by campus.

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How do I find my Student ID number?

Your Student ID number is a nine-digit number beginning with 900 (also known as your Banner ID) and is the identification number assigned to you when you apply to Chatt Tech. It is used to identify you within our computer system. Use our Student ID, Email, and Username Lookup form to locate your Student ID number.

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How and when do I get a student ID card?

All students are encouraged to acquire a free student ID card. ID cards are issued by the Office of Public Safety/Campus Police during regular operating hours.

To get an ID card, bring a copy of your current schedule and a valid government-issued photo ID to the Office of Public Safety/Campus Police at any campus. You can use your student ID Card to check out library materials, access the Wellness and Fitness Center, attend college-sponsored activities and events, and receive student discounts.

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Do I need to have a parking pass to park on campus?

We do not require students to have a parking pass and do not charge a parking fee. Although a parking decal is not required, we encourage you to visit a Campus Police office to acquire one. (That way, we can identify your vehicle and notify you if necessary.)

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College provide laptops?

No. If you are in need, registered students have access to a small number of loaner laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots through our libraries. Contact a Chatt Tech library to learn more about the checkout process.

In addition, the Office of Student Resources provides access to loaner laptops for students who meet at least one special populations category. Additional information can be acquired by emailing

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Is a specific laptop or computer required?

While we do not require a specific brand of laptop, we do have some hardware and software requirements to consider. You may want to run the Blackboard Browser Check to confirm if your device will be satisfactory.

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Paying for College

I’ve submitted my application for admission. Is a different application required for financial aid?

The application processes for admission to the college and for financial aid are separate. To apply for financial aid, you should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list our school code: 005620.

In order to apply for financial aid, a student must complete the FAFSA each year. (One FAFSA covers Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.) When your application is processed you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) by email or mail. You can check your financial aid status within your BannerWeb account or you can contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

To learn more about financial aid, check out the Office of Financial Aid’s FAQ page.

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I need help with my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). How do I get help?

The Office of Financial Aid can be reached by phone at 770-528-4531 or by email at Financial Aid Counselors are available to assist you and are assigned to you based on the first letter of your last name. Visit the Financial Aid Counselors page for more information.

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Can I use financial aid funds in the Chatt Tech bookstore?

Students may use up to $1,000 in Federal Pell Grant funds – after tuition and fees are paid – to purchase books or supplies from Chatt Tech bookstores. If eligible, students may also be able to use a GED voucher, SEOG funds, or private loans in the bookstores as well.

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I do not qualify for financial aid, are there other available resources?

Nelnet Payment Plans are designed for students who wish to spread their tuition and fee payments over a specified period of time. Students who enroll in the plan will pay a minimal enrollment fee.

WIOA training funds are designed to serve laid-off individuals and eligible, low-income adults who need training to enter or re-enter the labor market. Your WIOA region is determined by the county you reside in.

The Chattahoochee Tech Foundation‘s mission is to provide financial support to the college, its students, and its programs through scholarships, emergency grants, and other financial support.

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Programs of Study and Course Offerings

I’m not sure what program of study to pick – can someone help?

Sure! If you need some direction, contact our Office of Career Development to learn more about an individual program, the training you will receive, and the jobs you will be prepared to apply for when you graduate. You can also find a lot of program information in our Career Guide or on an individual program of study’s webpage. (Found under the Academics menu at the top of this page.)

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What is the difference between certificates, diplomas, and degrees?

Certificate, or TCC, programs are 9 to 39 credit hours and can be completed in as few as 3 classes or one semester. Diploma Programs are 40 to 59 credit hours and usually take 1 to 1.5 years to complete. Associate Degree Programs are 60 to 73 credit hours and usually take 2 to 2.5 years to complete. (All time estimates based on full-time enrollment.)

Many programs of study offer a combination of certificates, diplomas, and degrees. The best fit for you depends on several factors. Contact our Office of Career Development to learn more about what your prospective career/industry requires. You can also learn more about program offerings, class formats, and other essential information by viewing our Chatt Tech Programs & Me document.

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I want to attend Chatt Tech to complete transfer coursework for another institution. What program of study should I select?

The academic program that best meets your needs is the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS). The AIS offers many general education core courses that transfer to two-and-four-year institutions and allows customization based on each student’s academic and professional goals. Areas of concentration include a business and technical track, health sciences track, general education track, and computer information systems track.

Our current transfer agreement with the University System of Georgia provides useful information for course transfer equivalencies with those institutions.

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Where can I find course descriptions?

Course descriptions and pre-requisite/co-requisite requirements for individual classes can be found in our college catalog.

Where can I find a list of courses required for my program of study?

You can find the curriculum for your program in our college catalog. Or, you can scroll up to the top of this page, select your program area under Academics, and find your program of study’s webpage. This will include a link to the curriculum in the catalog but also many other important details regarding your program.

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I am an out-of-state resident, can I take online courses at Chatt Tech?

Yes, out-of-state residents can complete online courses at Chatt Tech.

However, be advised that all courses at Chattahoochee Technical College require one proctored event at a specific campus, day, and time. Details regarding the proctored event are provided at the time of registration or on the first day of class.

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College provide ESL classes?

Yes, our Intensive English Program (IEP) is an affordable, high-quality English language study program that prepares students for academic life in college. Students can be enrolled full-time or part-time. Information regarding cost, application process, benefits, and schedules is provided on the Intensive English Program page.

Our Adult Education program offers basic and intermediate English as a Second Language (ESL) classes designed to help adult learners comprehend and communicate in written and spoken English for a variety of purposes and audiences. ESL classes through Adult Education are offered at no charge at the Canton, North Metro, and Paulding campuses as well as at community locations in Cartersville and Ellijay.

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Does Chattahoochee Technical College offer Adult Education/GED classes?

The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) now offers multiple options for achieving your high school equivalency. Two computer-based testing (CBT) pathways are available through testing centers or proctored at home: the GED® test or the HiSET® exam.

The Adult Education program at Chattahoochee Technical College offers free High School Equivalency diploma classes at learning centers in Bartow, Cherokee, Gilmer, Paulding, and Pickens counties. We offer day, evening, and online classes at most centers.

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Online Courses and Distance Learning

What course formats are taught at Chattahoochee Technical College?

We offer a wide variety of course formats to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Web-Enhanced: An on-campus course that meets at a specified time, day, and campus but also includes an online component.

Online: Online course content is delivered using Blackboard, a learning management system. Most online courses at CTC are asynchronous, so students learn on their own schedule within a certain timeframe. All online courses have a course calendar and schedule of assignments, which pace instruction throughout the term. All online courses require a proctored event on campus.

Hybrid: Hybrid courses are a combination of the web-enhanced (on-campus) and online formats listed above.

Live Online: Live Online courses are similar to Online courses but require weekly meeting times that are designated on the course schedule at the time of registration. You are not required to be on campus for weekly meetings, but these courses require an on-campus proctored event.

Tele Learn Classes:  Meet at a specified time and day in a physical classroom on a campus, in a virtual classroom from any computer, or a combination of the two.

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What are the technology requirements for online and hybrid courses?

All online and hybrid courses require access to the Internet. Unless you will be utilizing computers provided by the college in an open computer lab or library, you will need to have access to your own computer and high-speed internet. A webcam and headset or microphone are recommended and, in some cases, may be required.

Hardware requirements: PC or MAC with a fast processor, monitor, speakers, microphone/headset, and webcam.

Software requirements: Windows 8.1 or higher, OS 10.14 or higher. Some programs may require additional hardware/software requirements.

Recommended internet speed: High speed Broadband Internet Connection. Ping response less than 100 ms, download speed at least 10Mbps, and upload speed at least 2Mbps.

Your browser should be the most recent release of Chrome or Firefox.

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What skills are required to be successful in online or hybrid courses?

Students in online courses should be comfortable using and navigating the Internet, web interfaces, and other online resources. Online courses will require students to use Blackboard to access course materials, post comments, and upload documents. Online students also need self-discipline, self-motivation, a quiet study space with no distractions, and must be willing to ask instructors for help and use other resources available to them.

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