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Admissions for Dual Enrollment

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Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Submit your qualifying SAT, ACT, PSAT, ACCUPLACER test scores, or HOPE GPA (after completion of 10th grade).

If you have not taken the SAT and/or ACT, or your scores do not meet these minimum requirements for Dual Enrollment eligibility, then you must take the ACCUPLACER test.

Step 2: Complete the online Dual Enrollment admissions application.

Select Apply for Admission. Create an account by clicking the link: First time user account creation. You must select Dual Enrollment Student as the application type to ensure that it is processed properly.

(Note: Your application will not be processed if you have not submitted qualifying test scores – see Step 1)

Step 3: Meet with your high school counselor/home school administrator and parent/guardian to complete the Dual Enrollment student participation agreement below:

Step 4: Upload your completed Dual Enrollment Student Participation Agreement.

Step 5: Receive acceptance letter.

Acceptance letters are sent once all submitted documents have been processed. All submitted documents can take up to seven (7) business days to be fully processed.

Step 6: All new Dual Enrolled students must attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) session. College acceptance letter and NSO RSVP required.

New students accepted for SUMMER term 2020 must attend an NSO online or virtually. Please check your email for RSVP instructions.

New students accepted for FALL semester 2020 must attend an NSO on either May 7th, May 15th, or May 22nd. Location TBD – an A.M. and P.M. session will be offered.

NOTE: If you are taking your dual enrolled class(es) on a high school or career academy campus, refer to your college acceptance letter for details regarding your NSO.

Dual Enrollment Document Deadlines:

Test scores, application, and Dual Enrollment student participation agreement must be submitted by close of business on the applicable deadlines below:

  • Spring Semester 2020 (January – May 2020): November 15, 2019
  • Summer Semester 2020 (June – August 2020): March 1, 2020
  • Fall Semester 2020 (August – December 2020): April 17, 2020