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Chattahoochee Tech Success Stories

Rachel Gondek- Graduate of Applied Science Degree Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Healthcare
Deputy Sheriff of Cobb County

Rachel Gondek in healthcare class“Chattahoochee Tech has literally changed the trajectory of my life. I thought I wanted to become an occupational therapist. This degree would have cost me about $100,000. I quickly learned that Chatt Tech offered great healthcare degrees that could provide me similar earning potential and job security with a much lower cost of education. The passion of the teachers is what impacted me as a student. I have learned so much, and I feel completely prepared for whatever the future holds.”

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Ri’Chard Burrel- Graduate of Applied Science Degree Business Management
Phyllis Foster Pool Scholarship

Ri’Chard Burel Phyllis Foster Pool Scholarship“Chattahoochee Tech was the perfect place for me! The college welcomed me from the moment I became a student and made sure that I had the resources and support I needed in order to be successful. I am also very grateful for the support I received from the Chattahoochee Tech Foundation. Being a Chattahoochee Tech Foundation scholarship recipient helped me to pay for classes and books. It also allowed me to stay on schedule for my graduation target date.”

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Jade Gonzalez – Graduate of CTC Cosmetology Program
Salon Owner in Cobb County

Jade Gonzalez's Jade Salon

“The cosmetology classes at Chattahoochee Tech helped prepare me for the state professional licensure exam. It would have been impossible to prepare for this test without going to a good school. Anytime I meet anyone who is considering going to a technical college, I always have positive things to say. I had a great experience at Chattahoochee Tech.”

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Michael Farina – Graduate of Industrial Maintenance and Electrical Technology Program
Maintenance Technician at Fed-Ex Ground Center in Kennesaw

Michael Farina at FedEx

“If you work hard enough, you can do anything, even in a technical college. Chattahoochee Tech prepared me to be a highly skilled professional for FedEx. It’s a good job that involves fixing and maintaining the machines, making sure everything works. I work on conveyor belt sorters and PLCs (programmable logic controllers), and I work with computers and servers. It’s a lot of mechanical and electrical work.”

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Nicholas Long – Graduate of CTC Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technology Program
Machinist at Win-Tech in Kennesaw

Nicholas Long at Wintech

“I’m making things that matter, and I’m making a difference in the world. You don’t get that kind of fulfillment with a lot of other jobs. I want to say thank you to Chattahoochee Tech and to my instructor Wayne Plos for teaching me and helping me. He taught me what I know. Without his guidance and encouragement, I don’t know if I would be sitting so happy where I am today.”

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, Nicholas Long has applied the skills he learned at Chattahoochee Tech to make ventilator parts for the relief effort. Read more at The Daily Tribune News.

Elizabeth Johnson – Current Student in CTC Engineering Technology Program

Elizabeth Johnson at CTC

“I’m really glad I’m here at Chattahoochee Tech. Technical colleges are not as expensive as universities. And there’s a lot more hands-on learning here. I need to be learning hands-on things now for my job.”

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