Admission Requirements

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Beginning Student 

You are a beginning student if you have never attended college before.

High School Student (Dual Enrollment)

You are a Dual Enrollment (DE) student if you are currently in high school and want to take classes at CTC to receive high school and college credit simultaneously.

Homeschool Student

You are a homeschool student if you graduated from a non-regionally accredited homeschool program and have not attended college.

International Student

You are an international student if you will be attending CTC on a student visa.


If you are seeking to further your education but only want to enroll in a limited number of courses and do not want to complete a degree/diploma/certificate program, you are considered a Non-Degree-Seeking student.

Returning Student 

You are a returning student if you have previously been a student at Appalachian Technical College, Chattahoochee Technical College or North Metro Technical College. Previous CTC applicants, former Dual Enrollment students, CTC graduates, and CTC students returning from academic suspension should also reference this page for admissions requirements.

Transfer Student

You are a transfer student if you have previously attended another college.

Transient Student

You are a transient student if you are currently enrolled at another institution and want to take coursework at CTC to transfer back to your home institution.

Veteran Student

You are a veteran student if you are a military service veteran or are a dependent or spouse of a military service veteran.

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