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Testing (Placement/Scores)

Placement testing is a required step in the admissions process for all applicants. The purpose of placement testing is to determine correct knowledge level in reading, writing and math. Our goal is to place you in appropriate courses that will increase your chance of success and program completion. For each test section, there are three possible outcomes:

  • Score above the learning support benchmark and take program-level courses immediately.
  • Score below the learning support benchmark but above the minimum score for admission. Enroll in learning support coursework in the appropriate area(s). Retesting may be possible if you are eligible.
  • Score below the minimum score for admission and retest.

Benchmark scores for placement will differ by program; as a general rule, associate degree programs require higher test scores than diploma and certificate programs. Refer to What Do My Scores Mean? for detailed information about which ACCUPLACER placement test score(s) correspond to which English, reading, and/or math class.

Some applicants may be exempt from some or all of the test based on previously earned college credit. Applicants may also submit ACT, SAT, Accuplacer or Compass scores that are less than 5 years old. Please do not assume that submission of test scores satisfies CTC’s admission requirements.

Helpful Information

  • You must bring your photo ID to test. If you are testing for Dual Enrollment or for an outside entity, you will need to know your Social Security number.
  • Test resources and study guides can be found HERE.
  • Please contact Disability Support Services to inquire about testing accommodations, if necessary.
  • The Accuplacer test is not timed but typically takes 2-3 hours to complete all sections.
  • Please do not bring children with you to campus on test day.
  • CTC does not allow outside calculators; the test will offer you one if needed to solve a problem.
  • You will be asked to turn your phone off for the entire duration of your test.
  • You will receive your scores immediately upon completion of the test.