Sexual Harassment


What is Sexual Harassment?

It is the unlawful harassment and unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. Harassment is illegal when it is severe and creates a hostile or offensive environment.

Who should seek assistance?

  • All persons who believe that they are or may have been victims of improper harassment
  • Students who believe they are being sexually harassed
  • Students who want to know what their options are in dealing with the harassment or the harasser
  • Students who believe someone else is being harassed

Who do I report this to?

Contact Dianne Barker, Equity Coordinator:
Public Safety at these campus locations:

Appalachian Campus:  404-798-2591
Austell Campus:  770-732-59111
Canton Campus:  404-392-9836
Marietta Campus:  770-5284486
Mountain View Campus:  770-509-6318
Paulding Campus:  770-443-3634
Woodstock Campus:  678-454-1813

What will happen if I call?

If you feel you are being harassed, you do not have to accept abuse. Don’t ignore the situation hoping it will stop. Students are encouraged to seek resolution promptly.

Students seeking assistance will be given information as to what options are available to them. The student will be given information about the internal (within the college) and external (agencies in the community) options available to them.

Contact the appropriate person to seek advice and instructions on how to proceed.

If I am being harassed, what should I do?

  • Keep a record of the times, dates, places, witnesses, events and your response. Keep the records in a safe place.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Do not blame or doubt yourself, you are not responsible for the harasser’s behavior.
  • Harassment will not stop unless you do something about it. The situation could even get worse. Tell someone.

If I was sexually assaulted, what should I do?

  • Call 911 or the Campus Police
  • Get immediate medical attention:
    –Treat any injuries you may have and
    –Assess your risk of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy
  • Preserve all physical evidence:
    –Avoid showering, using the toilet, changing clothes, brushing teeth, or any other behavior that would eliminate physical evidence before your medical examination.
    –Gather all the physical evidence such as clothes or linen, if you wish to press charges.
    –If clothing is removed, place it in a paper bag and take it along to the examination.
    Note: Even if you feel certain that you do not wish to bring charges against your assailant, it is important to gather as much physical evidence as possible in case you change your mind later.
  • Help yourself recover:
    –Remember that nobody asks or wants to be sexually assaulted or harassed.
    –Give yourself plenty of time to recover from the physical and emotional shock.
    –Contact Dianne Barker (770) 975-4023 to obtain assistance from a variety of services and referrals.

What if my friend was a victim of sexual assault or harassment?

  • Attend to the victim’s medical needs. Accompany the person to the hospital or doctor’s office.
  • Listen without judging.
  • Do not assume that a person who is acting calmly has not been affected by the assault.
  • Separate your feelings about the incident from what may be in the best interest for the victim.
  • Help develop a safety plan.
  • Provide companionship if the victim does not wish to be alone.
  • Explain the need to avoid showering, brushing teeth, or any other behavior that would eliminate physical evidence.
  • Assist in preserving each piece of clothing in a separate paper bag to avoid contamination.
  • Check in periodically to see how the person is coping.
  • Seek support yourself.
Helpful Links:

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Georgia: An Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resources Collection:
My Strength:
Office for Civil Rights:
CTC Counseling and Support Services
CTC Department of Public Safety

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