Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Attendance at Chattahoochee Technical College is mandatory as noted in course syllabi. Students are expected to attend all classes, particularly if receiving services from a third party (interpreters, captionists, scribes, note takers) within the class. It is the instructor who determines the number of absences allowed in his/her class. If a student has a disability-related absence from class, he/she should contact the disability coordinator immediately if receiving in-class services. Students are responsible for contacting their instructors when they are absent as well. Documentation must support the disability-related absence(s).

This does not excuse the student from the course requirements to include missed assignments and tests, nor the student’s obligation to obtain missed material. It also does not extend the number of absences a student might accumulate. Students are responsible for contacting their instructors and providing documentation of their absence should an instructor require it. Students will be apprised of their class obligations by signing a Student Responsibilities Agreement Form.

Students should be aware that accommodations only change the way in which materials are presented but does not modify the standards set forth by Chattahoochee Technical College and/or TCSG.

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