Dean’s List


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic performance which has earned them the distinction of being on the Dean’s List during the 2013 Fall Term. These students completed at least twelve credit hours and earned a minimum of 3.50 GPA. A Dean’s List GPA is calculated solely on courses earned during the semester and not on cumulative earned credits. (Note: Incompletes, withdrawals, Learning Support courses, and transfer credit courses are not used in the calculation.)

Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Al-Nizarr James Computer Programming Diploma
Albertson Jacob Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Albritton John Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Alexander Naomi
Ali Muhammad Computer Programming AAS
Allen Diedra Business Management AAS
Alvarez Vincent Technical Specialist Cert
Aninakwa Ohenewaa ****Institutional Admit ******
Archer Harry Technical Specialist Cert
Arevalo Samuel Automotive Technology Diploma
Arthur Chelsea Technical Specialist Cert
Baker John Culinary Arts AAS
Banks Arlanderia Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Barton Adrian Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Bass Josephine Healthcare Science Cert
Beckett Catherine Cosmetology Diploma
Bell Charles Networking Specialist AAS
Bell Gregory ****Institutional Admit ******
Bell Joel Business Admin Tech AAS
Belt Julia ****Institutional Admit ******
Bermudez Andreina Technical Specialist Cert
Blackwell Emily Cosmetology Diploma
Blalock Mary Business Admin Tech Diploma
Bleetan Darrell Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Bodine Amanda Technical Specialist Cert
Boerstler Chelsea Radiologic Technology AAS
Bonsu Isabella Healthcare Science Cert
Bosley Summer ****Institutional Admit ******
Bottoms Alana Cosmetology Diploma
Boudreaux Amanda Marketing Management Diploma
Bouse Dana Health Information Tech AAS
Boyd Thasha Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Boyle Regenia Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Bragg Carter Technical Specialist Cert
Brannon Sarah Cosmetology Diploma
Brantley Keisha Healthcare Science Cert
Brown Kalynn Cosmetology Diploma
Brown Randall Technical Specialist Cert
Buchmueller Dan’elle Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Buckley Jonathan Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Buckner Steven Computer Programming AAS
Buquet Shane Cosmetology Diploma
Burke William Build/Facilities Maint Diploma
Burt Julius Healthcare Science Cert
Cabrera II Robert ****Institutional Admit ******
Cagle Derek Technical Specialist Cert
Calderon Vanessa Business Management Diploma
Caldwell Julia Horticulture AAS
Callaghan Andrew Build/Facilities Maint Diploma
Callahan Aundria Cosmetology Diploma
Callahan Michael Indust Systems Tech Diploma
Cameron James Healthcare Assistant Cert
Campanaro Paula Practical Nursing Diploma
Camper Jessica Cosmetology Diploma
Card Nicholas Technical Specialist Cert
Carey Joshua Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Carmenate Giselle Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Carter Edward Build/Facilities Maint Diploma
Cass Bryan Drafting Technology AAS
Castilla Samantha Healthcare Science Cert
Castleberry Todd Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Chadwick Richmond Horticulture Diploma
Chambers Evan ****Institutional Admit ******
Chandler William Computer Programming AAS
Chin Horace Networking Specialist AAS
Chorn Brittany Healthcare Assistant Cert
Christy Benjamin Drafting Technology AAS
Clark Amanda Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Clayton Chelsey Cosmetology Diploma
Clifton Laura Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Coleman Nancy Info Security Spec Diploma
Connors Leah Marketing Management AAS
Cook Garrett Business Admin Tech AAS
Cooper Matthew Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Copper Danielle Cosmetology Diploma
Coppiano Juan Technical Specialist Cert
Creigh Christian Technical Specialist Cert
Cutler Nyna Healthcare Science Cert
Danforth Joshua Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Davis Amy Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Davis Antonya Accounting AAS
Davis Grayson Automotive Technology AAS
Davis Ryan Automotive Technology AAS
Davy Richard Computer Programming Diploma
DeVaux Natalie Computer Programming AAS
Deen Ashley Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Delgado Ariadna Healthcare Science Cert
Denney Kevin Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Dickson Beryl Drafting Technology Diploma
Dixon Charlita Marketing Management AAS
Diyenno Beth Television Production Tech AAS
Dobbins Jordyn Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Dorantes Edna Accounting AAS
Dorsey JoAnne Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Doyle Carli Technical Specialist Cert
DuBose Kevin Networking Specialist AAS
Dunlap Anna Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Durbin (Fowler) Jessica Cosmetology Diploma
Easom Kristin Healthcare Science Cert
Eaton Lynn Technical Specialist Cert
Eaves Caleb Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Edwards Adriel Healthcare Science Cert
Edwards Allison Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Edwards Ricky Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Ellison Andrew Technical Specialist Cert
Elrod Jennifer Practical Nursing Diploma
Epperson Janice Accounting AAS
Esser Heather Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Ezelle Kerrie Business Admin Tech Diploma
Farone Alexis Computer Programming AAS
Felton Sequia Technical Specialist Cert
Fernandez Carlos Technical Specialist Cert
Figlewicz Loreen Practical Nursing Diploma
Flowers Miranda Technical Specialist Cert
Ford Kira Networking Specialist Diploma
Fox Heather Healthcare Science Cert
Fox Jennifer Clinical Laboratory Tech AAS
Freires Liana Healthcare Science Cert
Friedopfer Katherine Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Fritts Kylie Horticulture Diploma
Galindo Carina Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Gallois-Delude Matthew Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Garcia Barrera Erwin Technical Specialist Cert
Gayton Megan Healthcare Science Cert
Giest Shawn Indust Systems Tech AAS
Gill Christina Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Ginn Isaac Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Godhigh Ryan Marketing Management AAS
Gonzalez Marcos Automotive Technology AAS
Griffin Caleb Automotive Technology AAS
Griffin Sarah Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Haddock Allison Technical Specialist Cert
Hagan Michael Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Hall Grant Technical Specialist Cert
Hall Jodina Computer Programming AAS
Hall Yolanda Cosmetology Diploma
Hancock Dustin Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Hardt Jeffrey Information Security Spec AAS
Harpole Luke Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Harris Angelica Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Harris Courtney Technical Specialist Cert
Harris Joel Networking Specialist Diploma
Heath Tamika Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Hegde Shruti Networking Specialist AAS
Henderson Patrick Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Henning Avery Technical Specialist Cert
Herrera Kristian Technical Specialist Cert
Hershberger Emily Business Management AAS
Hickox Nicholas Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Hicks Elbert Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Higginbotham Amber Healthcare Assistant Cert
Hirtle Tyler Technical Specialist Cert
Hoang Vi Information Security Spec AAS
Holloman Devon Technical Specialist Cert
Holston Jennifer Accounting Diploma
Hopkins Mercedes Cosmetology Diploma
Horowitz Aaron Technical Specialist Cert
Horton Kyle Automotive Technology Diploma
Howard Brandon Computer Programming AAS
Hubert Anthony Technical Specialist Cert
Huffman James Business Management AAS
Hughes Secunda Fire Science Tech AAS
Humphrey Suzanne Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Husband Brianne Technical Specialist Cert
Husein Daananji Cosmetology Diploma
Jackson Eric Drafting Technology AAS
James Kimberly Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Jean-Francois Marie Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Johnson Alexia Technical Specialist Cert
Johnson Jessica Healthcare Assistant Cert
Johnson Michael Healthcare Science Cert
Johnson Michael Automotive Technology Diploma
Johnson Summer ****Institutional Admit ******
Jones Jennifer Technical Specialist Cert
Jones Matthias Technical Specialist Cert
Jones Jr. Robert Automotive Technology AAS
Jordan Camille Healthcare Science Cert
Julian Brenda Business Management AAS
Kablawi Omar Fire Science Tech AAS
Kaguwo Benjamin Computer Programming AAS
Katz Samuel Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Keller Joseph Physical Therapist Asst AAS
King Jesse Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Kittelson Makayla Healthcare Science Cert
Klahr Jason Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Koganitskaya Evgeniya Computer Programming AAS
Kropacek Amy Environmental Technology AAS
LaCava Sabrina Technical Specialist Cert
Lares Vanessa Technical Specialist Cert
Law William Television Production Tech AAS
Lawson Elijah Drafting Technology AAS
Leach Enjoli Networking Specialist AAS
Lehman Brock Business Management AAS
Lesho Samuel Technical Specialist Cert
Lewis Douglas Technical Specialist Cert
Leyva Denisse Accounting AAS
Lillig Frank Technical Specialist Cert
Lindenmayer Abigail Technical Specialist Cert
Liston Madison Cosmetology Diploma
Lodge Leesen Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Lopez Nancy Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Lovelace Michael Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Lullie Samantha Accounting AAS
Majewski Molly Healthcare Science Cert
Malcolm Ross Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Maldonado Omar Networking Specialist Diploma
Mann Jennifer Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Manyitabot David Transient
Marks Angela Accounting AAS
Martin Emily Cosmetology Diploma
Martin Raymond Networking Specialist Diploma
Martinez Estefania Healthcare Assistant Cert
Mathenge Susan Transient
Matthews Farrah Radiologic Technology AAS
Mayfield Michelle Interiors Diploma
McAfee Brooke Business Management AAS
McClain Timothy Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
McClure Amber Practical Nursing Diploma
McConnell Avery Surgical Technology Diploma
McCurdy Stacy Accounting AAS
McCurley Madison Technical Specialist Cert
McGreevy Ailey Surgical Technology Diploma
McGrew Stephanie Practical Nursing Diploma
McNabb Otis Automotive Technology Diploma
McNeeley Melinda Radiologic Technology AAS
Mcgouirk Tonya Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Meder MaryFrances Healthcare Science Cert
Meeks Mary Marketing Management Diploma
Meisser Nathan Technical Specialist Cert
Mendrala Donald Technical Specialist Cert
Miller Callie Practical Nursing Diploma
Mills Brittany Surgical Technology Diploma
Mitchell Joshua Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Montano Karina Information Security Spec AAS
Mooney Taryn Cosmetology Diploma
Mosley Jessica Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Moss Amy Technical Specialist Cert
Mowers Michaela ****Institutional Admit ******
Murphy, II Charles Business Management AAS
Murungaru Onesmus Technical Specialist Cert
Myers Philip EMT – Advanced Cert
Neal Tamara Healthcare Assistant Cert
Nealey Mary Beth Technical Specialist Cert
Neely Alexis Cosmetology Diploma
Nelson Grant Computer Programming AAS
Nelson Leif Networking Specialist Diploma
Nfor Eric Technical Specialist Cert
Nguyen Minh Networking Specialist Diploma
Oden Ashley Technical Specialist Cert
Olden Raven Cosmetology Diploma
Orozco Alexander Technical Specialist Cert
Ottley Horace Computer Programming Diploma
Pacheco-Ramirez Jennifer Technical Specialist Cert
Panu Monique Technical Specialist Cert
Parker Kristina Healthcare Science Cert
Payne Norman Business Management Diploma
Pele Eli Information Security Spec AAS
Pelton Rachel Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Pendley Cheryl Technical Specialist Cert
Peters Becky Healthcare Science Cert
Pfaller Makenzie Healthcare Science Cert
Phelps Austin Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Phelps Patricia Healthcare Science Cert
Phillips Precious Technical Specialist Cert
Pino Danielle Technical Specialist Cert
Pittsley Shawna Healthcare Assistant Cert
Pitzer Linda Medical Assisting Diploma
Polk Matthew Networking Specialist AAS
Poole Christopher Business Admin Tech Diploma
Porter Rosalynn Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Pressley Brian Technical Specialist Cert
Price Taylor Technical Specialist Cert
Ramirez Dalia Technical Specialist Cert
Rapp Sheina Cosmetology Diploma
Ray Emily Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Reed Justin Technical Specialist Cert
Rescigno Amelia ****Institutional Admit ******
Reyes Edgar Computer Programming AAS
Rice Julianna Television Production Tech AAS
Richards Taylor Technical Specialist Cert
Richardson Jacob Drafting Technology AAS
Ricketts Tashiba Healthcare Science Cert
Rios Yuritzi Medical Assisting Diploma
Rivera Etienne Technical Specialist Cert
Rodriguez-Hernan Braulio Automotive Technology Diploma
Rosenblatt Jason Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Rowlett Cassi Cosmetology Diploma
Ruiz Carlos Indust Systems Tech Diploma
Russo Alisa Environmental Technology AAS
Saavedra Sinti de Gates Deyci Clinical Laboratory Tech AAS
Salcines Frank Info Security Spec Diploma
Salgado Roman Sonia ****Institutional Admit ******
Sanders Brittany Technical Specialist Cert
Sanders Cassandra Technical Specialist Cert
Sanders Elizabeth Accounting Diploma
Sanders Michael Information Security Spec AAS
Sanderson Matthew Networking Specialist Diploma
Sangster Alexandra Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Santamaria Melissa Technical Specialist Cert
Sapp Shenita Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Schexnayder Stacy Environmental Technology AAS
Schorr Erin Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Scott Robert Business Admin Tech AAS
Secrist Richard Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Seeds Kristin Technical Specialist Cert
Seward Ja’Mais Healthcare Science Cert
Seymour Lauren ****Institutional Admit ******
Sheriff Amber Healthcare Science Cert
Shobowale Moses Healthcare Science Cert
Sierra Erika Clinical Laboratory Tech AAS
Simon Jessica Cosmetology Diploma
Sipes Emari Healthcare Assistant Cert
Slayton Brian Networking Specialist AAS
Smart Kendrick Television Production Tech AAS
Smith Brandon Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Smith Cara Cosmetology Diploma
Smith Debra Television Production Tech AAS
Smith Shadale Cosmetology Diploma
Smith Torre Cosmetology Diploma
Sosa Hailey ****Institutional Admit ******
Sprewell Jonathan Information Security Spec AAS
Steckbeck Alexandra Practical Nursing Diploma
Stifter Eric Networking Specialist AAS
Stockhausen Claire Cosmetology Diploma
Stokes Keisha Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Strawn Shamoree Technical Specialist Cert
Stroud Andrew Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Surry Ashley Computer Programming Diploma
Sybrandt Teresa Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Taylor Matthew Networking Specialist AAS
Taylor Scott Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Teague Tiffany Healthcare Science Cert
Teemer Jalexis ****Institutional Admit ******
Terfas Zaineb Healthcare Science Cert
Terry Dillon Technical Specialist Cert
Tolliver William Computer Programming Diploma
Trotter Ronald Computer Programming Diploma
Tully Jennifer Medical Assisting Diploma
Tumulty Edward Television Production Tech AAS
Turmon Jordan Technical Specialist Cert
Turner Rebecca Marketing Management AAS
Twaddell Elaine Practical Nursing Diploma
Uduh Nnenna Technical Specialist Cert
Ulshafer Kory Networking Specialist AAS
Uroza Yoselin Healthcare Science Cert
Valencia Andrea Healthcare Science Cert
Vaughn Dallas ****Institutional Admit ******
Vaughn Samantha ****Institutional Admit ******
Verner Mary Healthcare Assistant Cert
Vo Nhi Business Management AAS
Vondra Michele Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Voruganti Shiva Kalyan Computer Programming AAS
Wagner Curtis Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Wallace Jamiya Accounting AAS
Walsh Stephanie Healthcare Assistant Cert
Warren Kaitlynn Practical Nursing Diploma
Warren Kandice Cosmetology Diploma
Warren Michael Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Washington Sharon Practical Nursing Diploma
Watkins Jessica Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Wauford Emily Technical Specialist Cert
Wendt Jordan Technical Specialist Cert
West Zachias Cosmetology Diploma
Whitfield Alonzo Technical Specialist Cert
Wilkinson Jordan Business Management Diploma
Williamson Chris Networking Specialist AAS
Wood Brian Accounting Diploma
Wood Lars Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Worfford Chelsea Healthcare Science Cert
Worley Garrett Business Management Diploma
Wright Joshua Info Security Spec Diploma
Yoakum Rachel Healthcare Assistant Cert
Young Autumn Technical Specialist Cert
Yount Christopher Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Zhabaikanova Alina Accounting AAS
Zinets Sergey Accounting AAS
Total: 377
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This list was published as of December 17, 2013. Any changes to a student’s program of study will not be reflected on this list.

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