Dean’s List


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic performance, which has earned them the distinction of being on the Dean’s List during the 2014 Spring Term. These students completed at least twelve credit hours and earned a minimum of 3.50 GPA. A Dean’s List GPA is calculated solely on courses earned during the semester and not on cumulative earned credits. (Note: Incompletes, withdrawals, Learning Support courses, and transfer credit courses are not used in the calculation.)

Marcus Abrams Healthcare Science Cert
Shantal Acevedo Healthcare Science Cert
Mark Adams Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Vincent Adeyemi Computer Programming AAS
Jennifer Adkins Business Admin Tech Diploma
Aysan AhmadpourBahnamiry Technical Specialist Cert
Lizzy Alade Healthcare Science Cert
Torey Alexander Automotive Technology AAS
Muhammad Ali Computer Programming AAS
Heather Allen Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Christopher Almand Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Wesley Alton Technical Specialist Cert
Alexander Amado Automotive Technology Diploma
Aaron Anderson Television Production Tech AAS
Robertie Appolon Business Admin Tech Diploma
Matthew Auffenberg Technical Specialist Cert
Sierra Averette Technical Specialist Cert
Bernice Averill Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
William Avery Jr. Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Elyad Bahramyan Automotive Technology AAS
Marshall Bailey Accounting Diploma
Cornelius Baker Television Production Tech AAS
Farshad Baloochestani Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Angela Barnett Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Salimatu Barry Television Production Tech AAS
Sharde Beatty Business Management Diploma
Kathryn Beechuk Medical Assisting Diploma
Jessica Benford Cosmetology Diploma
Kennex Bergantinos Networking Specialist AAS
Miranda Bierkamp Business Admin Tech Diploma
Michael Blackwood Information Security Spec AAS
Harold Blythe Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Donald Bohac Television Production Tech AAS
Isabella Bonsu Healthcare Science Cert
Summer Bosley ****Institutional Admit ******
Amanda Boudreaux Marketing Management Diploma
Amanda Bowen Technical Specialist Cert
Jenny Bridges Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Jami Bright Cosmetology Diploma
Hamid Brini Automotive Technology Diploma
Jovan Brocks Business Admin Tech Diploma
Allison Brodell Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Blake Brooks Accounting Diploma
Brett Brown Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Krystal Brown Healthcare Science Cert
Carey Brox Transient
Olivia Bryan Radiologic Technology AAS
Amanda Bryant Healthcare Science Cert
Tram Bui Healthcare Science Cert
Lisa Burnett-Waller Business Management AAS
Kathy Burt Medical Admin Assist Diploma
Larry Byrd Jr Healthcare Science Cert
Robert Cabrera II ****Institutional Admit ******
Vanessa Calderon Business Management Diploma
Alex Callahan Business Admin Tech AAS
Paula Campanaro Practical Nursing Diploma
Kelli Campbell Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Rachel Campo Business Management AAS
Patrick Carlisle Technical Specialist Cert
Cedeno Carter Computer Programming AAS
Thomas Carter Computer Programming AAS
Melissa Carwise Technical Specialist Cert
Hector Cely Ochoa Computer Programming AAS
Rebekah Chabot Business Admin Tech Diploma
Richmond Chadwick Horticulture Diploma
Chen Chen Computer Programming AAS
Laura Clifton Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Jacob Coble Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Matthew Coleman Networking Specialist AAS
Andrea Collier Medical Assisting Diploma
Jairus Collins Info Security Spec Diploma
Kristin Collins Cosmetology Diploma
Matthew Collins Radiologic Technology AAS
Victoria Cooley Technical Specialist Cert
Canard Cooper Technical Specialist Cert
Danielle Copper Cosmetology Diploma
Taleigha Cousar Drafting Technology Diploma
James Cowans Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Steven Cramer, Jr Accounting AAS
Aaron Cutbirth Accounting Diploma
Khalid Dabdoub Technical Specialist Cert
Brandynn Daugherty Info Security Spec Diploma
Amy Davis Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Bobby Davis Automotive Technology Diploma
Ashley Deen Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Anastasia Deineca Accounting AAS
Khalid Dikri Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Charlita Dixon Marketing Management AAS
Hannah Dobbins Cosmetology Diploma
Kristopher Dolly Automotive Technology AAS
Amy Donadeo Healthcare Assistant Cert
Carli Doyle Technical Specialist Cert
Raygan Drumm Technical Specialist Cert
Trevor Dufresne EMS Professions Diploma
Austin Dunn Technical Specialist Cert
Amethyst Dvorak Business Admin Tech AAS
Kristin Easom Healthcare Science Cert
Lynn Eaton Technical Specialist Cert
Caleb Eaves Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Kathleen Edwards Medical Assisting Diploma
Douglas Eggins Accounting Diploma
Andrew Ellison Technical Specialist Cert
Jazmine Ennis Business Management Diploma
Jovany Escamilla Automotive Technology Diploma
Amanda Evans Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Alexis Farone Computer Programming AAS
Jarius Felder Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Gigi Fernandez Special Admit
Vanessa Fon Healthcare Science Cert
Kira Ford Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Kaitlin Fowler Technical Specialist Cert
Clairse Fox Healthcare Science Cert
Issa Frampton ****Institutional Admit ******
Katherine Friedopfer Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Ashley Fulghum Technical Specialist Cert
Allen Gallimore Technical Specialist Cert
Zachary Gantt Technical Specialist Cert
Erwin Garcia Barrera Technical Specialist Cert
Pamela Garcia Bigott Business Admin Tech AAS
Andres Gavina Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Michael Germaine Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Kyle Ghassemzadeh Automotive Technology AAS
Patricia Gibson Medical Assisting Diploma
Arminda Graham Radiologic Technology AAS
Deborah Green Radiologic Technology AAS
Josh Green Computer Programming AAS
Triston Gregoire Computer Programming AAS
Lyndon Griffin Networking Specialist Diploma
Loren Gunning Computer Programming AAS
James Hammond Computer Programming AAS
Bridget Hannan Radiologic Technology AAS
Charles Hard Automotive Technology Diploma
Lisa Harper Interiors Diploma
Angelica Harris Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Kerri Harris Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Staci Harris-Mezack Healthcare Science Cert
William Harvey Technical Specialist Cert
Richard Hatfield Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Taryn Hedrick Technical Specialist Cert
Shruti Hegde Networking Specialist AAS
Lindsey Helms Technical Specialist Cert
Laura Hernandez Healthcare Science Cert
Alexander Herod Technical Specialist Cert
Lacassa Hill Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Kirsten Hirshowitz Healthcare Science Cert
Eric Holcomb Transient
Caleb Holden Automotive Technology Diploma
Kyle Horton Automotive Technology Diploma
Brandon Howard Computer Programming AAS
Shequila Hughley Cosmetology Diploma
Suzanne Humphrey Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Dana Hyder Information Security Spec AAS
Crystal Jackman I’net Spec-Web App Dev AAS
Jordana Jackson Cosmetology Diploma
Alexander Jahl Radiologic Technology AAS
Jeff Janes Automotive Technology AAS
Grant Jeffries Technical Specialist Cert
Alexia Johnson Technical Specialist Cert
David Johnson ****Institutional Admit ******
Ernest Jones Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Phillip Jordan Healthcare Assistant Cert
Brenda Julian Business Management AAS
Sewon Jung Special Admit
Steven Justice Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Benjamin Kaguwo Computer Programming AAS
Jacques Kallos Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Nicholas Keeter Automotive Technology AAS
Joseph Keller Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Jonathan Kilpatrick Networking Specialist AAS
Arthur King Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Renee King Business Management AAS
John Kingry Networking Specialist AAS
Joseph Kirsten Networking Specialist AAS
Jason Klahr Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Catherine Knott Accounting AAS
Evgeniya Koganitskaya Computer Programming AAS
Rebecca Lake Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Elijah Lawson Drafting Technology AAS
Destinee Leakey-Easton Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Douglas Lewis Technical Specialist Cert
Tamera Lindstrom-Garcia Radiologic Technology AAS
Sarah Lipp Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Andrew Lipscomb Automotive Technology AAS
Brittany Lively Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Cyndi Lopez Practical Nursing Diploma
Juan Lopez Networking Specialist AAS
Nancy Lopez Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Michael Lott ****Institutional Admit ******
Relinda Lundy Business Admin Tech Diploma
Nicholas MacKain Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Angelic Mack Healthcare Science Cert
Erick Makomere Information Security Spec AAS
Ross Malcolm Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Jennifer Mann Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Claudia Marquez-Amaya Business Admin Tech Diploma
Alex Martin Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Anthony Martin Info Security Spec Diploma
Jeffrey Martinez Computer Programming Diploma
Sebastien Masse Technical Specialist Cert
Jeffrey Mauelshagen Networking Specialist AAS
Itayshia Maxwell Healthcare Science Cert
Casiana Mba Healthcare Science Cert
Stacy McCurdy Accounting AAS
Darrell McDowell Jr. Computer Programming AAS
Kenneth McKibben Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Ariel McMillan Radiologic Technology AAS
Benjamin McMullen Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Otis McNabb Automotive Technology Diploma
Daniel McWhirter Accounting AAS
Christopher Mcauliffe Drafting Technology Diploma
Nathan Meisser Technical Specialist Cert
Amber Mendes Healthcare Science Cert
Amy Middleton Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Brittany Mills Surgical Technology Diploma
Mitchell Mock Networking Specialist Diploma
Ryan Moore I Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Samantha Morefield Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Benjamin Morgan Healthcare Science Cert
Christopher Morgan Information Security Spec AAS
Ryan Morgan Television Production Tech AAS
Casey Morris Business Management AAS
Keith Mosely Automotive Technology AAS
Jessica Mosley Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Jacob Mulling Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Vincent Munuo Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Sergio Murillo Automotive Technology AAS
Nathan Mylius ****Institutional Admit ******
Chloe Neal Business Management AAS
Tamara Neal Healthcare Assistant Cert
Nedko Nedev Computer Programming AAS
Andrew Neville Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Jakeland Newhouse Automotive Technology Diploma
Jasmine Nghiem Technical Specialist Cert
Merry Nguyen Cosmetology Diploma
Christian Nicholson Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Cyril Nnamani Automotive Technology AAS
Hilda Nsaakoh Arthur Healthcare Science Cert
Oluwagbemiga Odede Technical Specialist Cert
Adesanya Oluwabunmi Networking Specialist AAS
Olumide Omolayo Technical Specialist Cert
Bukola Omotosho Technical Specialist Cert
Scott Ormond Build&Facilities Maint Diploma
Deborah Ossei-Tutu Technical Specialist Cert
Horace Ottley Computer Programming Diploma
Erin Pannullo Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Kristina Parker Healthcare Science Cert
Sophia Parker ****Institutional Admit ******
Zarah Parker Environmental Technology AAS
Cora Pearson Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Gregory Peck ****Institutional Admit ******
Amanda Petti Business Admin Tech AAS
David Pettyjohn Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Mario Pichardo Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Robbea Pierre ****Institutional Admit ******
Amroze Pirani Automotive Technology Diploma
Lisa Powelson Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Matthew Preblick Technical Specialist Cert
Benjamin Price Television Production Tech AAS
Sidney Priest Healthcare Science Cert
Dorothy Primus Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Ben Purvis Television Production Tech AAS
Kyndall Raburn Technical Specialist Cert
Dirk Radke Technical Specialist Cert
Sunita Rai Technical Specialist Cert
Ali Rana Technical Specialist Cert
Steven Ray Technical Specialist Cert
Ian Reeves Technical Specialist Cert
Jenna Reo Cosmetology Diploma
Amelia Rescigno ****Institutional Admit ******
Edgar Reyes Computer Programming AAS
Julianna Rice Technical Specialist Cert
Chelsey Richards Technical Specialist Cert
Alexander Richardson Business Management AAS
Elizabeth Rico Guzman Marketing Management Diploma
Brian Riddle Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Etienne Rivera Technical Specialist Cert
Thais Rocha Healthcare Science Cert
Jessica Rockwell Medical Admin Assist Diploma
Jessica Rodefer Drafting Technology AAS
Justin Rodriguez Technical Specialist Cert
Haley Ross Accounting AAS
Cassi Rowlett Cosmetology Diploma
Nathan Ruhling Marketing Management AAS
Carlos Ruiz Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Leslie Sain Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Taylor Sammons Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Tashanda Samuels Healthcare Assistant Cert
David SanMartin Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Cassandra Sanders Technical Specialist Cert
Cherish Sanders Technical Specialist Cert
Stacy Schexnayder Environmental Technology AAS
Eric Schneider Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Hannah Schug Paramedicine Diploma
Dylan Schwinn Healthcare Science Cert
Daniella Sears Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Joseph Seibert Automotive Technology AAS
David Shugart Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Maxwell Simmons Technical Specialist Cert
Jessica Simon Cosmetology Diploma
Willie Simon Accounting AAS
Ashley Sinclair Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Allie Sirois Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
John Smallwood Technical Specialist Cert
Kendrick Smart Television Production Tech AAS
Brandon Smith Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Kendra Smith Business Management AAS
Ledaysha Smith Technical Specialist Cert
Matthew Smith Business Management AAS
Torre Smith Cosmetology Diploma
Taiwo Soluade Healthcare Science Cert
Emideline St Paul Information Security Spec AAS
George Stevens Business Management AAS
Brandon Stevenson Healthcare Science Cert
Keisha Stokes Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Darlene Strickland Marketing Management AAS
Andrew Stroud Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Alexa Suazo ****Institutional Admit ******
Linda Tabeh Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Maryam Tavakoli Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Tabetha Taylor Radiologic Technology AAS
Robert Terry Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Chastain Thompson Radiologic Technology AAS
Amanda Tonkin Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Megan Townley Cosmetology Diploma
Grant Tozzi Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Sara Trammell Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Kenneth Trezek Computer Programming AAS
Nnenna Uduh Technical Specialist Cert
Kory Ulshafer Networking Specialist AAS
Dallas Vaughn ****Institutional Admit ******
Jacob Viness Television Production Tech AAS
Brandi Waddell Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Zackary Waddell Automotive Technology Diploma
Cheryl Ward Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Charles Warren Horticulture Diploma
Kandice Warren Cosmetology Diploma
Emily Wauford Business Management AAS
Adrian Waugh Cosmetology Diploma
Tyler Weddle Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Kamrina Weimer Cosmetology Diploma
Angela Weldy I’net Spec-Web App Dev AAS
Cassaundra Wenzler Business Management AAS
Kayla Westfall Television Production Tech AAS
Kecia Whitfield Business Management Diploma
Erin Wiley Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Kalie Williams Healthcare Science Cert
Chris Williamson Networking Specialist AAS
Ashley Wilson Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Bryan Wiltsey Automotive Technology AAS
Amy Wiseman Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Libby Woolf Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Nicole Wynn Television Production Tech AAS
Amorata Youngblood Technical Specialist Cert
Christopher Yount Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS

This list was published as of May 23, 2014. Any changes to a student’s program of study will not be reflected on this list.

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