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Outreach & Community Engagement

Chattahoochee Technical College defines outreach as establishing communication and reciprocities between the college and the public in order to foster mutual relations which contribute to a better community for all individuals. This outreach process promotes the college’s educational mission of being a great citizen in the communities in which we serve.  This definition supports key elements from The Carnegie Foundation’s definition of community outreach.  Our definition aims at focusing on the “collaboration between institutions of higher education and their larger communities (local) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.”  The key to community’s economic strength is “education”.  Our outreach and engagement efforts help to showcase CTC to enable access to higher education possibilities for these communities.

By creating long term partnerships and relationships with business organizations, government, community leaders, the faith-based community, non-profits, civic organizations and other public entities (schools and government-related service providers), CTC is well-positioned to communicate important learning and growth opportunities provided by the college while promoting community well-being.

The eight campuses of CTC are strategically located and provide the college with ideal opportunities for collaborative partnerships and projects with external stakeholders that enrich the communities in which we serve.  For communities, partnering with CTC increases their ability and capacity to solve important economic, social and cultural problems.  For all involved, community outreach and engagement enriches communities and provides opportunities for social and civic responsibility.

Outreach and Engagement Roles and Functions

To achieve this goal, the Office of Outreach and Community Engagement performs various functions.  Including but not limited to:

  • Creating relationships throughout the six county service areas with community organizations, residents, business owners and other community stakeholders.
  • Attending meetings with civic, faith-based and community leaders in our catchment areas, when appropriate, to advance technical education in these respective communities.
  • Providing leadership to selected community stakeholders through appointments to targeted Board of Directors in selected communities.  Service on boards provides the opportunity for the college to be a team play in community related problem solving.  As a community resource, the college rep assists in providing information, services and aids which are available at Chattahoochee Technical College.  This is primarily accomplished by attending community board meetings; hosting forums; and, representing the college as deemed appropriate.  Through this example of outreach, the college is kept abreast of the needs and interests of the various stakeholder groups in the communities in which we serve.
  • Providing a variety of outreach services/activities for assorted stakeholder groups in the community.  For example, support Chamber of Commerce events such as serving as Principal for the Day;  attending networking  monthly meetings, identifying opportunities for CTC promotion of educational programs and opportunities; advance communications to connect businesses to CTC Quick Start Programs; provide communications to local business groups about “new” programs and/or careers in technical education/work force development; serve as judge in Cobb County for senior high school project competitions; connect local businesses to CTC opportunities; and,  work with targeted students to promote technical education education—faith-based groups, NAACP, local sororities, fraternities etc.
  • Hosting Clergy “meet and greet” sessions aimed at providing the faith-based community with important information on educational and economic development opportunities.
  • Supporting recognition programs for selected county schools.(student/teacher partnership recognition by CTC)
  • Serving as a liaison between the college and select government entities.
  • Participating in local community events, including coordinating CTC exhibits at local and national conferences; community events participation (serving as judge at high school academic competitions);  attending dedications of libraries and community projects; attending leadership forums (invitation only);  representing the President at selected community events;  co-sponsoring events for the advancement of the college and technical education in the community; and, providing selected technical resources for applicable community events.

Community Engagement and College Contacts

Chattahoochee Technical College spans six counties serving more than 1.5 million residents.  For this reason, all eight campuses have designated representatives who provide outreach, support and services for their respective communities.  At CTC, we believe everyone is an ambassador and that everyone can serve.  The Office of Outreach and Engagement assists in preparing info packets to community volunteers as needed.

The College is focused on creating long term partnerships with businesses, community leaders, faith-based, civic organizations, community groups, government entities/ agencies and schools. CTC realizes that each community provides its own unique qualities.  Therefore, the college focuses on engaging with the community on problem solving and providing a resource of information and services in order to assist with meeting the needs of each respective community.

The Office of Outreach and Engagement will also support and assist (as needed) other campus-wide initiatives.  With these collaborative efforts CTC is able to provide a comprehensive network for CTC’s civic and social engagement and outreach efforts.

Contact Us:
Dr. Betty Ann Cook
Executive Director of Community Outreach and Engagement
980 South Cobb Drive, S.E.
Marietta,  GA  30060