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Make me@CTC your homepage! Our students also have a Student Portal that you can use – it’s your default browser destination on campus: Student Portal

(NOTE: The college calendar is best viewed using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.)

Welcome to Chattahoochee Tech’s easy-to-access, one-stop-shop for many of your student needs.  It’s really all about student success—your success!  While you’re a student at Chattahoochee Tech, we’re all about making your life a little easier, so we created me@CTC.  It’s a repository of varied student resources that you may need to access every day or, perhaps, only once in a while. It’s all here in one place:

  • Check student email
  • Access online/distance learning classes
  • Access BannerWeb or BLACKBOARD
  • Access college calendar
  • Register for classes
  • Use library resources
  • Access Student Portal
  • Access Campus Life
  • Find all types of college forms
  • Save documents
  • Complete financial aid applications
  • Access instructional videos
  • Check Eagle Alert (public safety information)
  • Get technology support
  • …and more

Basically, if you need to use your computer or tablet or smartphone to access or act on information, you’ll find what you need at me@CTC.

Student Planner/Flipbook:

Knowledge is power! We are committed to developing the whole student. Your college experience should include activities beyond the classroom to make your educational journey inspiring and fulfilling. It is helpful to understand what is required of you to ensure success in all endeavors! To this end, Chattahoochee Technical College has designed this student planner to assist you in learning all aspects of the college experience to ensure you are well prepared for your next endeavor, whether it be employment or continuing education. Simply select the Student Planner/Flipbook link above to learn more.