GA Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant

GA Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant

The Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant (SIWDG) is a financial award for Technical College System of Georgia students and was first presented by the Governor’s Office in Fall 2013. It awards funds to students meeting certain criteria who are enrolled in certain programs. Remember to fill out the FAFSA application first.

GA Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant flyer (click for more information)

Current eligible programs at CTC are:

CIST Internet Specialist (Diploma)

Commercial Truck Driving* (Certificate)

Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) Technology (Diploma)

Computer Programming (Diploma)

Design and Media Production Technology (Diploma)

Diesel Equipment Technology (Diploma)

Early Childhood Care & Education (Diploma)

Early Childhood Care & Education Basics (Certificate)

Industrial Maintenance and Electrical Technology (Diploma ONLY)

Information Security Specialist (Diploma)

Internet Specialist-Web Application Development (Diploma)

Networking Specialist (Diploma)

Practical Nursing (Diploma)

Surgical Technology (Diploma)

Welding and Joining Technology (Diploma)

Credit Hours Enrolled SIWDG Award Amount Only
9+ hours

3 – 8 hours

1 – 2 hours





  • Students must be eligible for the HOPE Grant to receive SIWDG funding.
  • *There is a one-time award of $1,000 for Commercial Truck Driving.
  • High school students participating in dual enrollment are NOT eligible for the SIWDG.
  • Student MUST apply for the FAFSA to determine their total grant eligibility.
  • Class registration is based on availability.

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