Crime Prevention and Awareness

Personal safety and protection of your property are everyone’s concern. Chattahoochee Technical College Public Safety urges all faculty, staff and students to help keep all of our campuses safe. If you observe unusual, suspicious or criminal activity, call the Department of Public Safety so that we may be able to take the necessary action needed to ensure everyone’s safety and security at all of our campuses. We need you to do your part, together we can make our daily experiences at Chattahoochee Technical College safe and secure for everyone.

Daily Safety and Security Tips

 Vehicle Safety:
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Keep all valuables at home or in trunk. Make sure they stay out of sight.
  • When you return to you vehicle always look in, under and around your vehicle before you get in.
  • Have your keys ready to go and in hand before you get to your vehicle. Always be prepared for the unexpected.
Safety While On Campus:
  • Walk with confidence, keep your head up and know your surroundings.
  • At night time always stay in areas with good lighting.
  • Use the buddy system. Don’t work alone in an office or classroom on campus at night.
  • If you think you are in immediate danger, draw attention to yourself in any way that you can. Don’t hesitate to scream and run.

If you have any safety or security concerns while on campus please stop in and speak with a Public Safety staff member. We are here to ensure your safety while on campus.

How do I report an emergency or a crime?

Immediately contact Public Safety (770-529-2311), and be prepared to tell us:

  • the nature of the emergency or reason for your call.
  • your location (we need to know where you are).
  • who you are.
  • all information about a suspect that is available to you.
  • answers to questions that Public Safety officers may ask.


Safety While Off Campus:

Off-campus crime or incidents will be addressed by the agency or jurisdiction where that crime or incident originally took place. Chattahoochee Tech Public Safety stays in constant contact with all law enforcement agencies whose jurisdictions surround all of our campuses. We make it a priority to keep an open line of communication and stay alerted to daily bulletins of crimes, critical events and emergencies within those surrounding jurisdictions.

Don’t become a Victim of Crime:

All of the campuses here at Chattahoochee Technical College are relatively crime free and Public Safety will always be vigilant to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. But unfortunately there is always a chance for criminal activity. Practicing these listed tips on a daily basis could help you avoid becoming a victim of crime while on campus.

On Campus:

  • When needed utilize the Public Safety escort service.
  • Always try to walk in with friends to class and when coming from or going to all parking lots.
  • Avoid dark areas or areas with bad lighting.
  • Walk with confidence and at a steady pace.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Never get into a stranger’s vehicle or go into an area that is private or secluded with a stranger.
  • Report suspicious persons or activity to your Campus Public Safety Dept.
  • If you think you are being followed:
  • Cross the street immediately but safely.
  • Change directions if at all possible.
  • Keep looking back; this way the suspicious person will know you are aware of their presence.
  • Go to a well-lit, populated area.
  • Try to observe as many physical details as possible, so you will be able to describe a suspicious person to Public Safety.
  • Always report the incident, no matter how minor you may think it is, to Public Safety on your campus.
  • Try to avoid being alone in an office or classroom but if not:
  • Always keep the door locked or secured.
  • Always identify who is knocking before opening the door.
  • Never prop open locked exterior building doors.

Keeping the Campus Safe:

  • Report suspicious persons or activity to Public Safety on your campus.
  • Keep your vehicle’s doors locked and windows closed at all times.
  • Use locks on lockers and bicycles or any personal property when you can.
  • Take responsibility to protect yourself and your fellow student.
  • Communicate and work with Public Safety on your campus and help ensure safety for everyone.

Parking on Campus:

  • Park in well-lit, populated areas.
  • Park in lots that are frequently used.
  • Secure all valuables in the trunk or leave them at home.
  • Lock your car so the trunk can’t be accessed from inside the vehicle.
  • Car-pool if you can, or have a friend, parent or relative drop you off on campus. This will help alleviate parking issues.
  • If you see any suspicious persons or activity in campus parking lots please notify Public Safety immediately.

Preventing theft on campus:

  • Close and lock all office doors when you exit that room or area.
  • Keep cash, checks, credit cards and books with you at all times; do not leave them in an open or unattended area.
  • Write your name and an I.D. number, in pen, inside your books or belongings if you can.
  • Store computers, lab equipment and audiovisual equipment, when not in use, in a locked office or classroom. Preventing theft is everyone’s responsibility.