Chatt Tech Graduates Complete BMW Training Program

(Marietta, Ga. – Dec. 14, 2016)
Four recent Automotive Technology graduates from Chattahoochee Technical College have completed BMW’s MetroSTEP training program, which offers tuition-free training to aspiring technicians.

The students who completed the MetroSTEP program — which stands for Student Technician Education Programs — were Chris Priddy, John Croft, Alex Sasser and Alex Thomas. In order to be considered for the program, students must graduate in the top of their class, pass an entrance exam and receive recommendations from their instructors.

Photo of a CTC graduate with BMW representatives.

Chattahoochee Tech graduate Alex Sasser stands between two BMW MetroSTEP representatives during graduation.

According to, “Candidates from Post-Secondary Technical Training Programs are selected through a series of interviews with BMWNA (BMW of North America) and BMW Dealership Management. The program alternates between training sessions and sessions of working at the sponsoring dealership within a reasonable commute for each student technician.”

In addition, the student technician is paired with a mentor to validate the technician is progressing at a pace on-par with the program classes.

“If participants in the program make it through the screenings, they are put on a fast track to become a certified BMW level 3 technician,” CTC Automotive Technology instructor Larry Cardell said.

MetroSTEP typically commences each June and runs continuously through November, with the selection process beginning the following January.

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