Chatt Tech Competes for $20K

(Marietta, Ga. – July 19, 2016)

Chattahoochee Technical College is vying for a first-place finish in AT&T’s $20K for 2020 workforce development competition. As part of the competition, the multinational telecommunications corporation has contributed $12,000 to assist eight finalists in achieving their workforce development objectives.

In order to receive the full $20,000 donation, Chattahoochee Technical College is competing in a social media competition called $20K for 2020, which will take place through Thursday, July 22.

To help boost Chattahoochee Tech to the top, follow us on Twitter @chattech, and retweet the college’s video (click here). The organization with the most retweets on Twitter will receive the additional contribution of $8,000.

Chattahoochee Technical College is using the funds to help start the Veterans Support Center, which is being created to support the more than 700 students who have identified themselves as former military or veteran family members. The primary objective of the Veterans Program is to assist veterans and their families as they transition to a post-secondary academic environment to promote program completion and career placement.

“The center will assist the veterans by providing access to resources, a space to connect with their peers and allow for a gradual transition into civilian life,” said CTC’s Director of Student Engagement Alaina Abney.

Communication and Veteran Services Coordinator Barry Munday added that the center would be a location where veterans and their family members can experience the camaraderie which they knew while serving with other veterans and their families as they acclimate to a “new normal” in the civilian and academic community.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 11.

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