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Articulation Agreements

What is an articulation agreement? It’s an officially approved agreement between two institutions of higher learning that allows students to apply credits earned at one institution in specific courses or programs toward their advanced standing, entry, or transfer into another institution.

Our Current Transfer Agreement with the University System of Georgia

What will it mean for you, the student? The transfer agreements between Chattahoochee Technical College and numerous four-year colleges and universities serve to minimize duplication of coursework while allowing for a smooth transition to the next phase of your educational journey.

The following is a list of institutions that have articulation agreements* with Chattahoochee Technical College:

* In addition to these articulation agreements, other colleges and universities within the state of Georgia as well as outside the state do accept transfer credit from Chattahoochee Technical College. Students interested in transferring to another college will need to contact the receiving institution to determine the transferability of a particular course. 

Transfer Agreement of General Education Courses from TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia) to USG (University System of Georgia) Institutions

Under the new Complete College Georgia agreement, USG institutions and TCSG institutions will now accept the following general education courses for transfer between their respective institutions:

Course Title TCSG Prefix & Number USG Equivalent
American Government POLS 1101 POLS 1101
American Literature ENGL 2130 ENGL 2130
Art Appreciation ARTS 1101 ARTS 1100-1107
Biology Introduction I BIOL 1111/BIOL 1111L BIOL 1111/BIOL 1111L
Biology Introduction II BIOL 1112/BIOL 1112L BIOL 1112/BIOL 1112L
Calculus MATH 1131 MATH 1131
Chemistry I (Intro) CHEM 1115/CHEM 1151L CHEM 1115/CHEM 1151L
Chemistry II (Intro) CHEM 1152/CHEM 1152L CHEM 1152/CHEM 1152L
College Algebra MATH 1111 MATH 1111
Economics (Macro) ECON 2105 Area E option for Non-Majors
Economics (Micro) ECON 2106 Area E option for Non-Majors
Economics (Principles) ECON 1101 ECON 1101
English Composition I ENGL 1101 ENGL 1101
English Composition II ENGL 1102 ENGL 1102
Humanities (Intro) HUMN 1101 HUMN 1101
Math Modeling (Intro) MATH 1101 MATH 1101
Pre-Calculus MATH 1113 MATH 1113
Physics I (Intro) PHYS 1111/PHYS 1111L PHYS 1111/PHYS 1111L
Physics II (Intro) PHYS 1112/PHYS 1112L PHYS 1112/PHYS 1112L
Psychology (Intro) PSYC 1101 PSYC 1101
Public Speaking SPCH 1101 SPCH 1101
Sociology (Intro) SOCI 1101 SOCI 1101
Statistics (Intro) MATH 1127 MATH 1127
US History I HIST 2111 HIST 2111
US History II HIST 2112 HIST 2112
World History I HIST 1111 HIST 1111
World History II HIST 1112 HIST 1112