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Admission Tips and Hints

  1. You can apply at the Admissions/Student Affairs Office. We strongly suggest that you plan to attend courses where your program of interest is located. Not every program is offered at each campus. You should submit all documents to the campus where you apply and should also try to test at this location. Be advised testing is not available at all campuses.
  2. Ideally you would submit all admissions requirements at one time, including application (and payment), sealed college and high school transcripts, and copies of SAT or ACT test scores. This makes processing your documents much quicker.
  3. If you do not pay your application fee, your application will not be processed. You have not officially applied to our college until your fee is paid.
  4. You should apply as early as possible for a given term. Ideally, you would apply and have completed all admissions requirements two months prior to the start of your chosen term.
  5. Do NOT send documents such as test scores or transcripts until you have an application on file. It is very difficult for us to match up documents when they are sent in this order. The application should be the first thing you submit. Again, ideally all items would be submitted to together.
  6. Do NOT send high school transcripts to us before you have officially graduated. We can only accept high school transcripts with a graduation date. This date cannot be a predicted date and must be prior to the printing of the transcript.
  7. The admissions cycle works like this: First, you apply and submit all required documents and complete testing. Second, you are admitted to the college. Finally, you register for classes. Each of these steps takes processing time, so please take this into consideration when planning.
  8. Our goal is that after you apply you will be sent one of two letters, either a “needs ” letter telling you what items you need in order to be admitted or an acceptance letter if your file is complete. Please read these letters. The information in them is critical. Do as you are instructed in the letters, as the directions are very important.
  9. Timing is everything! Because certain times of year are busier than others, please plan accordingly. If you are applying for the fall in February, you may have a longer wait on the above mentioned letters because we are prioritizing our students applying for summer before fall applicants. Additionally, students who apply for fall a few weeks before the term begins are going to be processed as fast as possible but may not know their status as quickly as students who applied for fall earlier in the year.