Computer Information Systems Technology

Computer Information Systems Technology

Information about this exciting field:

Every day, all day, more and more data and information becomes available and accessible from individual computers and across vast networks in cyberspace.  People are needed to plan, analyze, design, program, build, maintain, secure, and manage all of that information for businesses and industries around the globe.  Computers and the internet are an integral part of our lives, and the CIS field isn’t going anywhere…but forward!

Academic Advisement – Computer Information Systems Team (by area of interest)

Faculty Advisors

Computer Programming:

Dave Busse,, Marietta Campus

Ron Enz,, Marietta Campus

Abebe Mojo,, Marietta Campus

Internet Specialist – Web Application Development:

Dave Busse,, Marietta Campus

Cybersecurity Specialist:

Charles Chapman,, Marietta Campus


Dexter Howard,, Marietta Campus

Cleo Okere,, Marietta Campus

Mike Carroll,, North Metro Campus

Academic Advisors

Arlene Collins,, Marietta Campus

Helen Rhoads,, Marietta Campus

Montreal Thomas,, Marietta Campus

Jim Moore,, North Metro Campus

Computer Information Systems Technology Program eMAP

CIST Cybersecurity Degree and Diploma eMAP

CIST Networking Degree and Diploma eMAP

CIST Programming Degree and Diploma eMAP

CIST Web Applications Degree and Diploma eMAP

What can I do with my CIST major?

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Salary Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gainful Employment Report

Computer Programming Diploma Gainful Employment Report
Networking Specialist Diploma Gainful Employment Report
Information Security Specialist Diploma Gainful Employment Report
Web Application Development Diploma Gainful Employment Report

Degree (to catalog)

Diploma (to catalog)

Certificates (to catalog)

Cisco Network Specialist Certificate

CompTIA  A+ Certified Technical Preparation Certificate