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The Essentials:

  • Program emphasizes ethical leadership, social responsibility and the importance of training and compliance in the workplace
  • Taught by exceptional faculty who possess extensive industry experience
  • Curriculum includes projects and case studies that focus on real-world scenarios to further enhance learning experiences
  • Courses offered online for convenience
  • Upon graduation, students will be well-versed in critical thinking skills, management skills and entrepreneurship

Programs Offered

Associate Degree
Technical Certificates of Credit
  • Human Resource Management Specialist
  • Management and Leadership Specialist
  • Organizational Leadership Specialist
  • Small Business Management Specialist
  • Supervisor/ Management Specialist
  • Technical Management Specialist

Advisement Information

Academic Advisement – Business Management Team

Faculty Advisors

Kawanna Strong, Kawanna.Strong@chattahoocheetech.edu, Canton Campus

Christal Blalock, Christal.Blalock@chattahoocheetech.edu, Marietta Campus

Shauna Maher, Shauna.Maher@chattahoocheetech.edu, Marietta Campus

Kenneth Rasheed, Kenneth.Rasheed@chattahoocheetech.edu, Marietta Campus

Sylvia Gholston, Sylvia.Gholston@chattahoocheetech.edu, North Metro Campus

Ryan Greene, Ryan.Greene@chattahoocheetech.edu, North Metro Campus

Carolyn Lawrence, Carolyn.Lawrence@chattahoocheetech.edu, Canton Campus

Academic Advisors

Donna Boutilier, donna.boutilier@chattahoocheetech.edu, North Metro Campus

Lucretia Sheppard, Lucretia.Sheppard@chattahoocheetech.edu, Marietta Campus

Jim Moore, James.Moore@chattahoocheetech.edu, North Metro Campus

Note: This program is available, in whole or in part, online.


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Employment Information

What can I do with my Business Management major?

Find jobs in the Business Management field.

Gainful Employment Report

Business Management Gainful Employment Report