Business Management

Business Management

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In the microcosm of today’s office environment, the business manager is invaluable to the organization, functioning, and success of large and small enterprises alike.  As businesses expand, restructure, and even downsize, the savvy business manager can bring a fresh perspective to daily operations as well as to plans for future growth and development.

Academic Advisement – Business Management Team

Faculty Advisors

Carolyn Lawrence,, Canton Campus

Kawanna Strong,, Canton Campus

Christal Blalock,, Marietta Campus

Shauna Maher,, Marietta Campus

Kenneth Rasheed,, Marietta Campus

Sylvia Gholston,, North Metro Campus

Ryan Greene,, North Metro Campus

Academic Advisors

Jeniffer Brennan,, Canton Campus

Lucretia Sheppard,, Marietta Campus

Jim Moore,, North Metro Campus

Note: This program is available, in whole or in part, online.

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Business Management Gainful Employment Report

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