Academic Advisement

What is the purpose of academic advisement?

Academic Advisement is offered to help students…

1. Learn the official college name for their program study listed in BannerWeb.

2. Articulate why they have chosen a particular program of study and learn about other programs to which that program may lead.

3. Learn about course requirements for their program of study along with where to find that information.

4. Know how to register themselves using BannerWeb or find the help they need.

5. Learn about how to access available college resources; such as, financial aid, Success Centers, Career Services, Disability Services, and Displaced Homemaker.

6. Find out how to contact their assigned faculty advisor.

7. Learn about registration dates and related deadlines for financial aid, tuition payment, etc.

8. Develop self-awareness and self-confidence regarding their academic, career, and personal goals.


Who should I contact?

  •  New Students: Meet with an academic advisor from Student Affairs.
  •  Students Not Enrolled in a Program: Meet with an academic advisor from Academic Affairs
  •  Student Enrolled in a Program: Meet with a faculty advisor in your program of study
  •  TCC, Communication Students: Meet with a faculty advisor in Arts and Sciences.