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Academic Advisement

All entering students are initially advised through the Office of Advisement. New Student Advisement information can be found New Student Advisement and Registration page.

After completing the first term, all Business and Technical Studies programs and Arts and Sciences student advisement is available by program and general education faculty and/or by full-time and part-time academic advisors. Please see below for specific information on how to find an advisor, based on program of study.

NOTE: Students interested in applying for CTC’s Health Sciences programs must meet with a Health Sciences Advisor.

How Do I Find My Advisor?

Business and Technical Studies Program Advisement

Arts and Sciences Program Advisement

Health Sciences Program Advisement

Useful Links

BannerWeb (Note: Students must log into BannerWeb to access DegreeWorks.)

Academic Advisement Student Notes

How to Calculate GPA

eMap (QEP)

Chattahoochee Tech Foundation Scholarships (for students who qualify)

Exemption Testing

Student Guidebook

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