President’s List


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic performance, which has earned them the distinction of being on the President’s List during the 2013 Fall term. These students completed at least twelve credit hours and earned a minimum of 4.0 GPA.

Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Adams Ravyn Healthcare Science Cert
Addison Joshua Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Alderman Laura Cosmetology Diploma
Allen Heather Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Allen Joshua Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Allen Mark Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Allred Kent Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Almon Amber Healthcare Assistant Cert
Alverson Andrew Technical Specialist Cert
Anderson Kenneth Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Anderson Michael Technical Specialist Cert
Ansaldo Christian Information Security Spec AAS
Arnold Jason Indust Systems Tech AAS
Arrey Ndip Etta Florimon Healthcare Science Cert
Atterberry Jasmin Cosmetology Diploma
Aubrey Mary Health Information Tech AAS
Austin Daniel Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Avila Perla Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Bahramyan Elyad Automotive Technology AAS
Ballenger Seneca Cosmetology Diploma
Banks Jessica Business Admin Tech AAS
Barrett Kayla Cosmetology Diploma
Barry Salimatu Television Production Tech AAS
Beaty Sarah Surgical Technology Diploma
Beck Meagan Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Bentley Steven Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Berardi Allyssa-Jo Cosmetology Diploma
Berberich Ryan Technical Specialist Cert
Beyermann Kelly Business Admin Tech Diploma
Bilicki Ryan Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Blackwood Michael Information Security Spec AAS
Blakley Michael Healthcare Assistant Cert
Blankenship Olivia Business Admin Tech AAS
Bohde Mike Technical Specialist Cert
Bozinowski Jennifer Radiologic Technology AAS
Braswell Kristin Surgical Technology Diploma
Bredekamp Addison Healthcare Assistant Cert
Bridges Jenny Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Brini Hamid Automotive Technology Diploma
Brito Doris Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Brooks Myron Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Brown Brett Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Brown Candace Accounting Diploma
Brown Kenny Information Security Spec AAS
Buckley Jon Logistics/Supply Chain Mgmt
Buncic Jr. Louis Accounting Diploma
Burke Chelsea Radiologic Technology AAS
Burkman Danielle ****Institutional Admit ******
Burrell Marshall Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Burton Loribeth Cosmetology Diploma
Byrd Danyell Healthcare Assistant Cert
Cade Asana Business Management AAS
Campo Rachel Business Management AAS
Carroll Jonathan Automotive Technology Diploma
Carrow Sheldon Technical Specialist Cert
Chabot Rebekah Business Admin Tech Diploma
Chance Ethan Automotive Technology AAS
Cheshire Jonathan ****Institutional Admit ******
Chester Starla Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Chi Charles ****Institutional Admit ******
Clark Carrie Computer Programming AAS
Cline Victoria Cosmetology Diploma
Cloer Bryn Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Colon Madeline Technical Specialist Cert
Commins Sarah ****Institutional Admit ******
Conversano Daniela Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Copeland Nakeisha Business Management Diploma
Costigan Jennifer Radiologic Technology AAS
Crane William Technical Specialist Cert
Crary Sydney Business Management AAS
Crebo Nicholas Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Creighton Keri Technical Specialist Cert
Curtis Margaret Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Dabreu Rachel Cosmetology Diploma
Danner Jarred Networking Specialist Diploma
Dasher Brach I’net Spec-Web App Dev AAS
Daugherty Brandynn Info Security Spec Diploma
Davenport William Technical Specialist Cert
Davis Hannah Technical Specialist Cert
Davis Micaiah Television Production Tech AAS
DeMarco Michael Information Security Spec AAS
Dillard Dwaun Healthcare Assistant Cert
Dipita Cristelle Healthcare Science Cert
Dosreis Alexis Healthcare Assistant Cert
Doster Eric Indust Systems Tech Diploma
Drumm Raygan Technical Specialist Cert
Dufresne Trevor Healthcare Assistant Cert
Duncan Angelia Medical Assisting Diploma
Eckman Cynthia Radiologic Technology AAS
Edwards Kathleen Medical Assisting Diploma
Embrey Kaleb Networking Specialist Diploma
Escobar Mehdi Technical Specialist Cert
Falls Cody Technical Specialist Cert
Fernandez Gigi Special Admit
Fields Rebecca Cosmetology Diploma
Finley, III Harold Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Flynn Phillip Automotive Technology AAS
Fontenot Jeffrey Indust Systems Tech AAS
Ford Jerome Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Ford Ruth Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Fortier Wesley Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Foye Teresa Radiologic Technology AAS
Francis Sabrenn Business Management Diploma
Fricks Tammy Medical Assisting Diploma
Friedel Nancy Health Information Tech AAS
Fulcher Kathleen Television Production Tech AAS
Gaines Emily Cosmetology Diploma
Gardner Michael Business Management AAS
Gentry Anna Healthcare Science Cert
German Rodaius Automotive Technology Diploma
Ghassemzadeh Kyle Automotive Technology AAS
Gibson Ashley Business Management AAS
Gilbertson, II Gary Accounting AAS
Gomez Alejandro Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Goodwill Daniel Networking Specialist AAS
Graham Mario Automotive Technology Diploma
Grant Max Information Security Spec AAS
Gray Jeanette Accounting AAS
Gregg Derek Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Griffin John Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Gross Kyle ****Institutional Admit ******
Grys Brian Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Hajwane Junaid Automotive Technology AAS
Hall Nikia Networking Specialist AAS
Hancock Jamie Medical Assisting Diploma
Hardeman Thomas Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Harrington Teresa Medical Assisting Diploma
Harris Kelli Healthcare Assistant Cert
Hawkins Eugene Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Hayley Ross Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Haymes Michael Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Haynes Jonathan Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Herrera De Seltenreich Ruby Cosmetology Diploma
Hester Adam Technical Specialist Cert
Hettinger Darlene Healthcare Science Cert
Hicks Deidre Medical Assisting Diploma
Hill Alan Computer Programming AAS
Hill Lacassa Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Hinsbi Eva Healthcare Science Cert
Hogan Richard Business Management AAS
Hollis Katrina Healthcare Assistant Cert
Hollyday Katherine Television Production Tech AAS
Hughes Morgan Cosmetology Diploma
Jackman Crystal I’net Spec-Web App Dev AAS
Jadoon Usman Computer Programming AAS
Jaimes-Selgado Jacqueline Cosmetology Diploma
Jamshidi Jalalian Nahid Networking Specialist Diploma
Janes Jeff Automotive Technology AAS
Jankowski Angelo Automotive Technology AAS
Jefferson Sarah Business Admin Tech Diploma
Jeffrey Meredith Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Jenkins Allison Healthcare Assistant Cert
Jennings Jacob Technical Specialist Cert
Johnson David ****Institutional Admit ******
Johnson Derwin Healthcare Science Cert
Johnson Jessica Healthcare Assistant Cert
Johnson Renee Cosmetology Diploma
Jones Michelle Networking Specialist AAS
Juarez Daniel Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Justice Steven Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Juston Kevin Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Kallos Jacques Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Kampmeier Sasha Accounting Diploma
Keeter Nicholas Automotive Technology AAS
Keheley Nathan Automotive Technology AAS
Keller Monica Radiologic Technology AAS
Kelley Wendi Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Kemp Crystal Technical Specialist Cert
Kemp Hannah Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Kennedy Mark Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Khoule Coumba Accounting AAS
Kim Min hyuk Automotive Technology AAS
Kim TaeWoo Computer Programming AAS
King Michael Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
King Renee Business Management AAS
Kingsbury Shannon Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Kissinger David Networking Specialist Diploma
Klotzbach Jeffrey Accounting AAS
Koson Stephanie Technical Specialist Cert
Koury Bailee Healthcare Science Cert
Kutsche Faith ****Institutional Admit ******
Languren-Garcia Maricela Cosmetology Diploma
Lawrence Cassie Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Lazar William Automotive Technology AAS
Lee Julie Practical Nursing Diploma
Leeds Kimberly Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Lehner Justin Technical Specialist Cert
Leverett Donna Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Lively Brittany Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Lomeli Carissa Healthcare Assistant Cert
Long Jacquline Cosmetology Diploma
Lopez Juan Networking Specialist AAS
Lopez Teresa Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Lopez-Wilcox Monica Medical Assisting Diploma
Lovvorn Shelby Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Lowe Franklin Networking Specialist AAS
Lullie Olivia ****Institutional Admit ******
Macquarrie Cheryl Networking Specialist Diploma
Maglione Danielle Cosmetology Diploma
Makomere Erick Information Security Spec AAS
Maldonado Anna Business Admin Tech Diploma
Maneen Richard Comp TIA A+ Cert TechPrep Cert
Manson Erica Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Marsh Teresa Interiors AAS
Martin Colin Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Martinez Jeffrey Computer Programming Diploma
Matthew Jennifer Healthcare Science Cert
Matthews Mari Cosmetology Diploma
McCamy Emily Information Security Spec AAS
McConnell Jr. Denver Auto Fundamentals Diploma
McHenry Timothy Drafting Technology AAS
McKinley Jordan ****Institutional Admit ******
McKinnie Priscilla Accounting AAS
McMillan Ariel Radiologic Technology AAS
Meacham Ashley Technical Specialist Cert
Miner Paul Networking Specialist Diploma
Miranda Marilyn Technical Specialist Cert
Mitchell Kathryn Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Moncus Amanda Cosmetology Diploma
Moon Holly I’net Spec-Web App Dev Diploma
Morgan Dana Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Morgan Everett Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Morris Stacey Healthcare Assistant Cert
Moses Tanya Healthcare Assistant Cert
Moss Clint Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Mulling Jacob Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Mullins Samuel Indust Systems Tech Diploma
Munn Jason Networking Specialist Diploma
Munoz Cynthia Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Murdock Kristina Marketing Management AAS
Muse Dax Healthcare Science Cert
Nardone Mariah Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Nekkat Smail Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Nelson Karl Accounting AAS
Nicholson Dustin Technical Specialist Cert
Nickol Terresa Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Nnamani Cyril Automotive Technology AAS
Omotosho Bukola Technical Specialist Cert
Ott Caylee Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Ouanes Hakim Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Ouattara Abiba Healthcare Assistant Cert
Parker Ashley Cosmetology Diploma
Parker Matthew Technical Specialist Cert
Parsons Rachel Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Paschall Malcolm Radiologic Technology AAS
Pearson Cora Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Petti Amanda Business Admin Tech AAS
Picklesimer Billy Cosmetology Diploma
Pierce Marilyn Medical Assisting Diploma
Pike Katherine Healthcare Assistant Cert
Plouff Christina Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Poag Richard Special Admit
Poole Amanda Business Admin Tech AAS
Pope Melissa Technical Specialist Cert
Porter Eric Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Potter James Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Pribbenow Michael Cosmetology Diploma
Primus Dorothy Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Pruitt Rachael Business Admin Tech Diploma
Quinn Marcus Business Management AAS
Rainer Marisa Healthcare Assistant Cert
Ramirez Bernardo Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Ramirez Irma Cosmetology Diploma
Ramirez Pedro Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Rashid Mohammed Computer Programming AAS
Ray Steven Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Redfern Lindsey Cosmetology Diploma
Reece Christopher Television Production Tech AAS
Reese Marvin Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Reeves Ian ****Institutional Admit ******
Richardson Alexander Business Management AAS
Robas Michelle Healthcare Science Cert
Rodefer Jessica Drafting Technology AAS
Roman Yazmin Cosmetology Diploma
Roman-Vazquez Ricardo Automotive Technology Diploma
Romero Liliana Cosmetology Diploma
Ruggles Rebecca ****Institutional Admit ******
Ruhling Nathan Marketing Management AAS
Ruhling Stephen Indust Systems Tech Diploma
Rush Eric Networking Specialist AAS
Rutledge Terry Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Sanford Kaylin Cosmetology Diploma
Scales Samantha Medical Assisting Diploma
Schauben Hannah Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Schneider Eric Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Schuette William Automotive Technology AAS
Seibert Christopher Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Seibert Joseph Automotive Technology AAS
Seitler Matthew Transient
Sheckton Jack Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Sheffield Ansley ****Institutional Admit ******
Shepard Robert Networking Specialist Diploma
Sherer Dana Healthcare Science Cert
Sinclair Ashley Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Smit Amy Healthcare Science Cert
Smith Nealon Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Snell Coleton Drafting Technology AAS
Sperling Shaun Automotive Technology Diploma
Sterling Marian Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Sutton Glenn Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Tabeh Linda Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Tamayo Jaclyn Medical Assisting Diploma
Taylor William Accounting Diploma
Teague Josiah Healthcare Science Cert
Tipton Jessica Networking Specialist AAS
Torek Kimberly Practical Nursing Diploma
Trepper Rebecca Accounting AAS
Trezek Kenneth Computer Programming AAS
Tront Daniel Electrical Sys Tech Diploma
Tucker Nicole Medical Assisting Diploma
Turk William Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Turner Robbin Cosmetology Diploma
Turpin Thomas Technical Specialist Cert
Tyler Angelica Healthcare Science Cert
Vang Tanya Healthcare Assistant Cert
Vanison Eddie Networking Specialist AAS
Vazquez Luis Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Vega Christopher Automotive Technology AAS
Villegas Jose Automotive Technology AAS
Walker Daniel Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Wallace David Networking Specialist AAS
Watkins Bobby Information Security Spec AAS
Waugh Adrian Cosmetology Diploma
Weldy Angela I’net Spec-Web App Dev AAS
Wendling Justin Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
West Gavin Healthcare Science Cert
Westbrook Jason Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Wiley Erin Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Williams Ashley Radiologic Technology AAS
Williams Jacqueline Medical Admin Assist Diploma
Wilson Ashley Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Woodard Brandon Computer Programming AAS
Worden Caitlin Technical Specialist Cert
Yates Stanley Networking Specialist Diploma
Young Michael Assoc. of Science Nursing AAS
Yum Soon Special Admit

This list was published as of December 17, 2013. Any changes to a student’s program of study will not be reflected on this list.

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