President’s List


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding academic performance, which has earned them the distinction of being on the President’s List during the 2014 Spring term. These students completed at least twelve credit hours and earned a minimum of 4.0 GPA.

Prem Ahuja Information Security Spec AAS
Laura Alderman Cosmetology Diploma
Brandee Alexander Horticulture AAS
Naomi Alexander
Mark Allen Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Kent Allred Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Edgar Almaraz Jimenez Radiologic Technology AAS
Kenneth Anderson Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Victoria Anderson Medical Assisting Diploma
Catherine Archer Radiologic Technology AAS
Anthony Armstrong Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Jonathan Arn Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Micki Arnold Healthcare Assistant Cert
Daniel Austin Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Aaron Bartlett Automotive Technology AAS
Jordan Bartley Healthcare Science Cert
Kristina Beasley Accounting AAS
Sandra Beck Medical Assisting Diploma
Catherine Beckett Cosmetology Diploma
Sabrina Bentley Technical Specialist Cert
Kelly Beyermann Business Admin Tech Diploma
Ryan Bilicki Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Olivia Blankenship Business Admin Tech AAS
Darrell Bleetan Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Amanda Bodine Technical Specialist Cert
Lennart Boecken Healthcare Science Cert
Chelsea Boerstler Radiologic Technology AAS
Alana Bottoms Cosmetology Diploma
Blondene Bowens Cosmetology Diploma
David Boyette Technical Specialist Cert
Jennifer Bozinowski Radiologic Technology AAS
Elbert Brimmage Info Security Spec Diploma
Laura Britton Accounting AAS
Myron Brooks Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Elizabeth Brown Business Management AAS
Jordan Brown Automotive Technology Diploma
Kalynn Brown Cosmetology Diploma
Kenny Brown Information Security Spec AAS
Jonathan Buckley Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Louis Buncic Jr. Accounting Diploma
Shane Buquet Cosmetology Diploma
Chelsea Burke Radiologic Technology AAS
Brendan Burns Drafting Technology AAS
David Burroughs Drafting Technology AAS
Christy Byrd Cosmetology Diploma
Lauren Byrd Healthcare Science Cert
Aundria Callahan Cosmetology Diploma
Iris Calzada Medical Assisting Diploma
Logan Cameron Healthcare Science Cert
Tina Cannon Medical Assisting Diploma
Scott Capri Marketing Management AAS
Jonathan Carroll Automotive Technology Diploma
Edward Carter Build&Facilities Maint Diploma
Brady Carver Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Raysa Casado-Tirado Accounting AAS
Rositsa Chahova Radiologic Technology AAS
Starla Chester Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Charles Chi ****Institutional Admit ******
Horace Chin Networking Specialist AAS
Amanda Clark Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Darlene Clark Accounting Diploma
Chelsey Clayton Cosmetology Diploma
Victoria Cline Cosmetology Diploma
Tanaya Cochran Cosmetology Diploma
Amanda Cole Business Management AAS
Nancy Coleman Info Security Spec Diploma
Madeline Colon Technical Specialist Cert
Nakeisha Copeland Business Management Diploma
Rachel Copeland Environmental Technology AAS
Jennifer Costigan Radiologic Technology AAS
Chandra Cotton Cosmetology Diploma
Celina Couch Marketing Management AAS
Micah Courey Networking Specialist AAS
William Cox Technical Specialist Cert
Keri Creighton Technical Specialist Cert
Caitlin Crowe Accounting AAS
Connie Curry Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Joshua Danforth Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Jarred Danner Networking Specialist AAS
Joseph Davis Practical Nursing Diploma
Micaiah Davis Television Production Tech AAS
Oneida Davis Medical Assisting Diploma
Wendy Davis Cosmetology Diploma
Richard Davy Computer Programming Diploma
Coleen DePeter Technical Specialist Cert
Natalie DeVaux Information Security Spec AAS
Ronald Debary, Jr. Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Michael Delvalle Business Management AAS
Nicole Deruiter Healthcare Assistant Cert
Beryl Dickson Drafting Technology AAS
Leah Dixon Radiologic Technology AAS
Jordyn Dobbins Criminal Justice Tech AAS
JoAnne Dorsey Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Jessa Dukes Automotive Technology AAS
Jessica Durbin (Fowler) Cosmetology Diploma
Nexhmi Durmishi Automotive Technology Diploma
Cynthia Eckman Radiologic Technology AAS
Lydia Edgecomb Technical Specialist Cert
John Elliott Special Admit
Meredith Elliott Automotive Technology Diploma
Janice Epperson Accounting AAS
Megan Evans ****Institutional Admit ******
Wesley Fortier Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Teresa Foye Radiologic Technology AAS
Sabrenn Francis Business Management Diploma
Crystal Frese Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Emily Gaines Cosmetology Diploma
Zaakira Gallman Technical Specialist Cert
Janet Garcia Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Gary Gilbertson, II Accounting AAS
Alejandro Gomez Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Jennifer Gonzalez Healthcare Assistant Cert
Marcos Gonzalez Automotive Technology AAS
Robert Gonzalez Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Angela Goodrow Interiors AAS
Daniel Goodwill Networking Specialist AAS
Andrea Greene Accounting AAS
Derek Gregg Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
John Griffin Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Sarah Griffin Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Zachary Gruber Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Rachel Grunkemeyer ****Institutional Admit ******
Brian Grys Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Edelmiro Guillen Healthcare Science Cert
Nikia Hall Networking Specialist AAS
Yolanda Hall Cosmetology Diploma
Rachel Hamadi Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Cinthia Hamilton Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Aric Harp Build&Facilities Maint Diploma
Michael Haymes Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Elizabeth Hendrick Radiologic Technology AAS
Avery Henning Technical Specialist Cert
Joyce Henning Medical Assisting Diploma
Adam Hildebrand Networking Specialist Diploma
Jacob Hodges Automotive Technology AAS
Renee Holden Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Jennifer Holston Accounting AAS
Mariah Huggins ****Institutional Admit ******
Michael Hughes Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Morgan Hughes Cosmetology Diploma
Philip Hughes Drafting Technology AAS
Secunda Hughes Fire Science Tech AAS
Gloria Huiel Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Jacob Hulsey Technical Specialist Cert
Philip Hynninen Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Ahmed Ifrek Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Adaora Igwilo Medical Admin Assist Diploma
Sardia Irvine Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Tygress Jackson Cosmetology Diploma
Jeason Jaddoo Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Usman Jadoon Computer Programming AAS
Asiya Jaleel Technical Specialist Cert
Nahid Jamshidi Jalalian Networking Specialist Diploma
Juan Janse Van Renburg Special Admit
Jacob Jennings Technical Specialist Cert
Karen Jessing Healthcare Science Cert
Derwin Johnson Information Security Spec AAS
Jessica Johnson Healthcare Assistant Cert
Michelle Jones Networking Specialist AAS
Nadia Jones Practical Nursing Diploma
Jocelyn Juarez Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Kevin Juston Physical Therapist Asst AAS
Christopher Katz Technical Specialist Cert
Monica Keller Radiologic Technology AAS
Wendi Kelley Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Mark Kennedy Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Brendan King Information Security Spec AAS
Michael King Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
Nicole Kinsey Technical Specialist Cert
David Kissinger Networking Specialist Diploma
Dustin Knight Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Laura Knight Healthcare Assistant Cert
Bailee Koury Healthcare Science Cert
Justin LaBranche Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Sean Lamb Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Maricela Languren-Garcia Cosmetology Diploma
Maria Lara Business Admin Tech AAS
Claudia Lara-Gomez Special Admit
William Law Television Production Tech AAS
Stacy Lay Accounting Diploma
Kimberly Leeds Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Yvette Lester Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Gabriel Liegey Information Security Spec AAS
Louis Livingston Technical Specialist Cert
Manya Livingston Business Management Diploma
Deborah Long Business Admin Tech Diploma
Jacquline Long Cosmetology Diploma
Teresa Lopez Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Nathan Lovelace Technical Specialist Cert
Jennifer Luker Healthcare Assistant Cert
Olivia Lullie ****Institutional Admit ******
Danielle Maglione Cosmetology Diploma
Omar Maldonado Networking Specialist Diploma
Sean Manges Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Adam Martin Information Security Spec AAS
Elisabeth Mathews Healthcare Assistant Cert
Eric Matthews Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Farrah Matthews Radiologic Technology AAS
Robert Matthews Indust Maint&Electric Diploma
Zachary McAlexander Computer Programming AAS
Patricia McDill Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Jordan McKinley ****Institutional Admit ******
Priscilla McKinnie Accounting AAS
Melinda McNeeley Radiologic Technology AAS
Alan McNeil Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Ashley Meacham Technical Specialist Cert
Nikita Melnichenko Auto Fundamentals Diploma
Katherine Miller Medical Assisting Diploma
Lori Miller Business Admin Tech Diploma
Nicolas Miller Automotive Technology Diploma
Amanda Moncus Cosmetology Diploma
Justin Monroe Radiologic Technology AAS
Karina Montano Info Security Spec Diploma
Johnathan Moore Build&Facilities Maint Diploma
Stephen Moore Info Security Spec Diploma
Enoch Moore III Drafting Technology AAS
Lidia Morris Accounting AAS
Taiyyabah Mughal ****Institutional Admit ******
Melissa Mull Radiologic Technology AAS
Kristina Murdock Marketing Management AAS
Stella Mushimba Accounting AAS
Leif Nelson Networking Specialist Diploma
Minh Nguyen Networking Specialist Diploma
Phillip Nguyen Information Security Spec AAS
Terresa Nickol Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Amanda Noble Technical Specialist Cert
Trisha Norton Healthcare Assistant Cert
Abigail O’Reilly Healthcare Science Cert
Olayinka Olayiwola Criminal Justice Tech Diploma
Roxana Oluogun Healthcare Assistant Cert
Jim Osunde Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Caylee Ott Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Ashley Pagan Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Matthew Parker Technical Specialist Cert
Shannon Parks Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Malcolm Paschall Radiologic Technology AAS
Brittany Pearson Healthcare Assistant Cert
Nury Peden Medical Assisting Diploma
Alexander Perrucci Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Lina Petrova Cosmetology Diploma
Makenzie Pfaller Healthcare Science Cert
Benjamin Phillips Technical Specialist Cert
Corie Philpott Cosmetology Diploma
Billy Picklesimer Cosmetology Diploma
Amelle Pierre Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Kevin Pike Elect/Comp Engineer Tech AAS
Ingrid Pinilla Montes Accounting Diploma
Rhiana Pitts Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Shawna Pittsley Healthcare Assistant Cert
Tatiana Plamadeala Technical Specialist Cert
James Potter Design&Media Prod Tech Diploma
Michael Pribbenow Cosmetology Diploma
Ivy Rabie Computer Programming Diploma
Arshia Rafiee Technical Specialist Cert
Irma Ramirez Cosmetology Diploma
Pedro Ramirez Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Sheina Rapp Cosmetology Diploma
Mohammed Rashid Computer Programming AAS
Audrey Rauch Cosmetology Diploma
Bruce Rawley Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Christopher Reece Television Production Tech AAS
Taylor Richards Technical Specialist Cert
Dyanne Richardson Healthcare Science Cert
Paul Rieger Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Jessa Robinson Cosmetology Diploma
Elizabeth Rock Healthcare Science Cert
David Roell Healthcare Assistant Cert
Jason Rosenblatt Welding & Joining Tech Diploma
Scott Ross Healthcare Assistant Cert
Erin Royer Radiologic Technology AAS
Elizabeth Ruiz Accounting AAS
Colleen Ryan Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Ndeye Sabara Business Management AAS
Tyler Sandbak Information Security Spec AAS
Samuel Sands Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Collan Sanford Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Alexandra Sangster Design & Media Prod Tech AAS
Rene Santiago Radiologic Technology AAS
Jeremiah Saxon Technical Specialist Cert
Samantha Scales Medical Assisting AAS
Richard Secrist Motorcycle Ser Tech Diploma
April Seigler Special Admit
Ellison Sharp Healthcare Assistant Cert
Robert Shepard Networking Specialist Diploma
Nia Sheppard Cosmetology Diploma
Tania Silvers Healthcare Science Cert
Stephanie Simonson Healthcare Science Cert
Cara Smith Cosmetology Diploma
Debra Smith Television Production Tech AAS
Lona Smith Accounting Diploma
Joseph Sortet Television Production Tech AAS
Shaun Sperling Automotive Technology Diploma
Caresa Stancil Technical Specialist Cert
Matthew Starr Environmental Technology AAS
Carmine Stefanello Information Security Spec AAS
Tierycka Stephens Medical Assisting Diploma
Stephanie Stewart Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Claire Stockhausen Cosmetology Diploma
Victoria Sullivan Technical Specialist Cert
Matthew Taylor Networking Specialist AAS
Scott Taylor Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
William Taylor Accounting Diploma
Josiah Teague Healthcare Science Cert
Helmi Tira Networking Specialist AAS
Kimberly Torek Practical Nursing Diploma
Rebecca Trepper Accounting AAS
Ronald Trotter Computer Programming Diploma
Zanas Tumasonis Computer Programming AAS
Shaheeda Turner Technical Specialist Cert
Eddie Vanison Networking Specialist AAS
Luis Vazquez Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Kendall Vogler Accounting AAS
Curtis Wagner Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Ashley Waits Healthcare Assistant Cert
Judith Walker Healthcare Assistant Cert
Kellen Walker Information Security Spec AAS
David Wallace Networking Specialist AAS
Stuart Wallace Technical Specialist Cert
Melissa Warren Healthcare Assistant Cert
Michael Warren Diesel Equip Tech Diploma
Bobby Watkins Information Security Spec AAS
Adam Watson Radiologic Technology AAS
Taylor Westbrook Business Management AAS
Kelly Whitaker Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
Stephen Whitley Auto Collision Repair Diploma
Joseph Whitmire Automotive Technology AAS
Christopher Wilcox Automotive Technology AAS
Ashley Williams Radiologic Technology AAS
Falisha Williams Early Childhood Care/Ed AAS
George Williams Criminal Justice Tech AAS
Mica Williams Networking Specialist AAS
Ned Williams Logistics/Supply Chain Man AAS
Brian Wood Accounting AAS
Brandon Woodard Networking Specialist AAS
Hope Woods Early Child Care/Ed Diploma
Caitlin Worden Technical Specialist Cert
Garrett Worley Business Management Diploma
Carole Wright Radiologic Technology AAS
Ru Yea Yeh Computer Programming Diploma
Marilyn Youngblood Technical Specialist Cert
Andrew Zaprzala Air Conditioning Tech Diploma
Freddie Zarco Automotive Technology Diploma
Alina Zhabaikanova Accounting AAS

This list was published as of May 23, 2014. Any changes to a student’s program of study will not be reflected on this list.

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